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​WoW Classic Season of Discovery: The BiS Gear for Mages Guide

Dec-15-2023 PST

WoW Classic Season of Discovery presents an exciting opportunity for Mages to acquire their Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear. As a powerful and high-DPS class, Mages have the potential to excel in this phase of Classic content. Additionally, Mages now have access to healing powers, although they may not be the most reliable healers. To optimize your Mage's performance, it is vital to acquire the right runes and gear, particularly Intellect gear.

Regardless of the chosen specialization, Mages mostly rely on the same gear. It is crucial not to waste item slots on Spirit gear, even if you plan to play as a healer. Here, we present our top recommendations for BiS gear for Mages in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

BiS Gear for Mages prior to Blackfathom Deeps

As a Mage in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, maximizing your spellcasting potential is paramount. This entails a combination of appropriate Runes, Talents, and an abundance of gear that provides Intellect bonuses. Fortunately, Horde players have easier access to dungeons like Shadowfang Keep, which contains exceptional Intellect gear. Additionally, Tailoring offers numerous BiS options for Mages. In particular, the Spidersilk Boots can be upgraded through a special quest chain.

While there may be a few exceptions, such as Healer Mages, the gear requirements remain relatively consistent across different Mage builds. Even if you aspire to heal, the recommended gear largely aligns with other specializations.

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Tailoring not only provides a fantastic opportunity to make WoW Classic SoD gold but also offers substantial benefits to spellcasters. Crafting your own gear can be a wise investment, especially considering the need for bigger bags. Mages can greatly benefit from tailoring, creating homemade items that enhance their performance in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

If your aim is to achieve significant DPS, opting for the Mage class in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is an excellent choice. While Mages are notoriously mana-hungry, their damage output is undeniable. With the right gear and strategy, Mages can deliver exceptional results in any encounter.

Embrace the challenges and rewards of WoW Classic Season of Discovery as a Mage. Harness the power of arcane and master the art of spellcasting to dominate your foes. Both MMOexp and MMOtank offer cheap WoW SoD Gold, with the right gear and gold, your Mage will become an unstoppable force in the realms of Azeroth.