About VIP Level

About VIP Membership: What can you enjoy if you become a Mmotank VIP Member?

1. Lowest Price: Mmotank VIP members can enjoy lifelong VIP discount.

2. Better Service: Mmotank VIP members have the priority to get served fastly.

3. One-to-One Service: Mmotank VIP members can enjoy the One-to-One service.

4. Instant Refund: Mmotank VIP members can get the refund instantly if the delivery is not done.

5. Consumption USD=Consumption Points: The dollars you consumed on Mmotank will be your member points. 1USD=1point.

6. Consumption Points can be used as Cash: Mmotank VIP members can use Consumption Points instead of Cash to Purchase Product from us. Cash coupon can be used while placing an order, which helps you save much money.

How can you become a Mmotank? You can just check below!

VIP Level VIP Icon Consumption Points VIP Discount
Unregistered No 0 0%
VIP{{val.vip}} V{{val.vip}} {{val.points}} {{getDiscount(val.discount)}}%

Consumption points exchange rules:

1. 100 consumption points=$1USD Cash coupon.

2. You can use the cash coupon to consume when place an order.

3. You're allowed to use the cash coupon of 20% of the total amount order Maximally.

4. Your points consumption wont affect your VIP status.