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NBA 2K24: 5 Improvements We Need to See

May-30-2023 PST

The NBA 2K community has been very vocal about the issues in the game, and with NBA 2K24 on the horizon, there are certain improvements that need to be made. In order to revitalize the game and attract new players, we need to see 5 major changes.

   • MyCAREER Storyline

MyCAREER is one of the most played modes in NBA 2K, but the storyline in NBA 2K23 was widely criticized. Players didn't feel immersed in the story, and many found themselves skipping the cutscenes. The lack of choice over the character's decisions outside of the court also made the mode less immersive.

In NBA 2K24, we need to see a better storyline with more player choice. Players should be able to choose where they start their basketball career, such as playing in Europe, going to college, or starting in the G League. This would make the mode more realistic and give players the chance to experience different paths to the league.

   • A Brand New The City

When The City was first introduced, it was an amazing experience for players. However, in recent years, the mode has become stale and needs some major changes. Adding new buildings, the ability to drive different cars, and other features would make The City feel brand new and captivate players' attention.

   • Moments of the Week

The MyTEAM game mode needs some drastic changes to be relevant. The rewards are not good enough, and players need to spend too much time completing the challenges. We also need to see better rewards that players can use to improve their squads substantially. Fans should be able to vote on what challenges they want to see in the game mode and the challenges themselves should take less time to complete.

   • Hackers on MyPARK

Hackers are a constant problem for PC users, with a high chance of facing a hacker while playing MyPARK. These players have low overall stats but have hall-of-fame badges, making it difficult for 99 OVR players to keep up. The slow banning process also means that hackers are ruining the game for other players.

Additional security measures need to be implemented to prevent hackers from ruining the game for other players.

   • No More Pay-to-Win

One of the biggest issues in NBA 2K is microtransactions, which make the game pay-to-win. The NBA 2K community has shown discontent towards microtransactions, and they have become more common in the game. Players can buy NBA 2K24 MT to improve their game attributes, which eliminates the grind aspect of the game. So everyone will look for third-party professional sellers!

Starting the game with a 60 OVR and seeing players with an 88 OVR on the first day of playing just doesn't feel right. Players should be able to earn their attributes through gameplay and not by paying extra money. Microtransactions for cosmetics are one thing, but when it affects the competitive aspect of the game, something needs to be done.