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Intermediate Shiny Hunting Spots in PokeMMO

May-29-2023 PST

In today's article, I'm going to share some intermediate shiny hunting spots in PokeMMO. These locations offer exciting opportunities for shiny encounters but be prepared for a bit more challenge. So, grab your gear and get ready for some thrilling hunts!

Requirements for Shiny Hunting

Before we dive into the hunting spots, let's go over the essentials for successful shiny hunting. Here's what you'll need:

    1. Sweet Scent PokeMMO with sufficient PP: Having a PokeMMO with Sweet Scent is crucial for attracting hordes of PokeMMO, increasing your chances of encountering a shiny. Make sure it has enough PP for multiple uses.

    2. Catching PokeMMO: To secure your shiny encounter, you'll need a reliable catching PokeMMO in your team. This ensures you can capture the shiny safely and efficiently.

    3. Synchronize or Q Charm PokeMMO: Consider using a Synchronize PokeMMO to increase the chances of encountering a shiny with a desired nature. Q Charm PokeMMO can enhance the odds of encountering a shiny of a specific gender, which can be advantageous for breeding purposes.

    4. Sufficient Pokeballs: It's essential to have an ample supply of Pokeballs to capture the shiny PokeMMO you encounter. Different PokeMMO have different catch rates, so be prepared with a variety of Pokeballs.

    5. Niche PokeMMO: Depending on the specific hunt, you may need certain PokeMMO with unique abilities or movesets. Plan accordingly to increase your chances of success.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's dive into some intermediate shiny hunting spots!

Trapinch and Cacturne Horde Spot:

   Location: Above Mauville City

   Time: Nighttime Only

   Details: Start at Mauville City and head north, avoiding encounters as much as possible. Use Rock Smash if necessary. Proceed to the sandy area and use Sweet Scent. This spot offers times three hordes of Cacnea and Trapinch. Remember to have a PokeMMO with the Run Away ability to escape quickly. Both Cacnea and Trapinch have captivating shiny forms.

 • Rattata and Houndour Horde Spot:

   Location: East of Celadon City (Kanto)

   Time: Daytime and Nighttime

   Details: This spot is conveniently located east of Celadon City. Head to the grassy area and use Sweet Scent. You'll encounter times three hordes of Rattata and Houndour. While Rattata may not be the most desired shiny, the blue-hued Houndour is a fan favorite.

Trubbish and Minccino Horde Spot:

   Location: Northeast of Nimbasa City

   Time: Anytime

   Details: This spot offers versatility as it can be hunted both day and night. Start at the PC and head northeast through the tunnel to the grassy area. Make sure to enter the dark grass, not the normal grass. Use Sweet Scent to encounter times three hordes of Trubbish and Minccino. Shiny Trubbish and its evolution, Garbodor, have unique and appealing shiny forms.

Girafarig and Houndour Horde Spot:

   Location: South of Veilstone City

   Time: Daytime and Nighttime (Houndour only at night)

   Details: This spot is easily accessible from Veilstone City. Head south, following the fence on the eastern side, until you reach Valor Lakefront. Use Sweet Scent to encounter times three hordes of Girafarig and Houndour. The blue-shaded Houndour and its evolution, Houndoom, are highly sought-after shinies.

Seviper, Zangoose, Lotad, and Cacnea Horde Spot:

   Location: Safari Zone (Hoenn)

   Time: Anytime

   Details: The Safari Zone in Hoenn offers an excellent hunting spot for multiple shiny possibilities. Enter the Safari Zone and head to the area with the tall grass. Use Sweet Scent to encounter times two hordes of Seviper and Zangoose, as well as times two hordes of Lotad and Cacnea. Shiny Seviper and Zangoose have striking color variations, while Lotad and Cacnea offer unique shiny forms.

Heracross and Pinsir Horde Spot:

   Location: Azalea Town (Johto)

   Time: Anytime

   Details: Head to Azalea Town in Johto and enter the Ilex Forest. Once inside, proceed to the area with the grass patches. Use Sweet Scent to encounter times two hordes of Heracross and Pinsir. Both PokeMMO have impressive shiny forms that are highly sought after by collectors.

Ponyta and Ekans Horde Spot:

   Location: Cycling Road (Kanto)

   Time: Daytime and Nighttime

   Details: Make your way to Cycling Road in Kanto, accessible from Fuchsia City. Use Sweet Scent to encounter times three hordes of Ponyta and Ekans. Shiny Ponyta, with its majestic blue flames, is a popular shiny target, while Ekans offer a unique coloration as well.

Nidoran Male and Nidoran Female Horde Spot:

   Location: Route 11 (Kanto)

   Time: Anytime

   Details: Travel to Route 11 in Kanto, which connects Vermilion City and Route 12. Use Sweet Scent to encounter times three hordes of Nidoran Males and Nidoran Female. Both PokeMMO have shiny forms with subtle but distinctive color variations.

Remember, shiny hunting requires patience and persistence. It may take numerous encounters before you come across a shiny PokeMMO. Stay focused, use your hunting strategies effectively, and enjoy the process!


Intermediate shiny hunting spots in PokeMMO offer trainers exciting opportunities to encounter captivating shiny PokeMMO. With the right preparations and strategies, you can increase your chances of finding these rare and sought-after creatures. Explore these locations, use Sweet Scent to attract hordes, and keep your catching PokeMMO ready. Happy hunting, trainers, and may your shiny encounters be plentiful and rewarding! Buy PokeMMO Money or PokeMMO Gold in MMOtank. MMOtank delivers Fast, Safe and Guaranteed.