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​How to Claiming the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Prime Gaming Pack

Nov-21-2023 PST

After experiencing a year of fantastic free rewards in FIFA 23, the highly anticipated Prime Gaming pack has made its return in EA FC 24. This exclusive pack offers select rewards that can significantly enhance your Ultimate Team squad, including cosmetics, FC 24 coins, and even free players. With a stroke of luck, you might even acquire players from promotional events like FC Pro Live or TOTW. Read on to discover how you can claim your very own EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Prime Gaming Pack.

What is the EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack?

The EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack is a monthly reward available to Amazon Prime users who hold an active subscription. Each month, the rewards offered may vary, ranging from simple contract packs to valuable Mega Packs. This variety ensures that there is always something exciting awaiting you.

How to Claim the EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack?

To claim your Prime Gaming Pack rewards in EA FC 24, you must first link your Twitch, Amazon Prime, and EA accounts. Follow the step-by-step guide below to easily link your accounts and enjoy the rewards with a single click.

Visit the Prime Gaming website and link your Twitch account to your Prime Gaming account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to link your EA and Twitch accounts. Ensure that the EA account you link is the one associated with your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Proceed to the EA FC 24 page on Prime Gaming and select the "Claim" button.

Launch EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, and you will find your reward pack waiting for you in the store.

Once you have successfully linked your accounts, claiming future Prime Gaming rewards is a breeze. Simply visit the EA FC 24 Prime Gaming page and claim the content you desire.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team November 2023 Prime Gaming Pack #2

The second EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack for November 2023 was made available on Monday, November 20, 2023, and players wasted no time in claiming their rewards. Keep an eye out for a new reward set to be introduced by Amazon and EA sometime in December.

Let's delve into the specifics of the November 2023 Prime Gaming rewards:

1x Heung Min Son on loan for 20 games

4x Rare Gold Player Items

1x 81+ Player Pick (choose from three options)

6x Rare Consumable Items

Make sure not to miss out on November's Prime Gaming reward in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. This incredible offer will expire on December 18, 2023. Head over to claim your very own EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack #2 and enhance your Ultimate Team experience.

By taking advantage of the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Prime Gaming Pack, you can bolster your squad with valuable rewards, including loan players, rare player items, and consumables. Don't forget to stay tuned for future monthly rewards and enjoy the perks of being an Amazon Prime member in EA FC 24. Apart from this, you can also buy cheap FUT 24 Coins at MMOtank to strengthen your team, which is also an easy and safe way.