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​EA Sports FC 24: Unveiling the Release Date, Ultimate Team, and Other Key Details

Jul-15-2023 PST

After much anticipation, EA Sports FC 24 has been unveiled in its entirety, with EA disclosing information regarding the game's launch date, cost, Ultimate Team feature, and other significant aspects.

As previously leaked in July, EA Sports FC will make its debut on September 29, 2023 as EA's first soccer game not under the FIFA umbrella, despite the company's long-standing success in the sport. The cover star for the game will be the Manchester City forward, Erling Haaland.

The game will be available in two versions: Standard and Ultimate. Players who choose the Ultimate edition, which is more costly, will receive a week's early access to the game, beginning September 22.

For a price of $69.99, the standard edition of EA Sports FC 24 will offer the following features:

Player Career Personality Points

Cover Star Loan Player Item

Male Ambassador Loan Item

Female Ambassador Loan Item

Manager Career 5-Star Coach

Clubs PlayStatles SLot

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Edition, which costs $99.99, will include the following features:

4600 FC points

Up to 7 days early access

Team of the Week 1 Ultimate Team Player

Nike Ultimate Team Loan and Kit

All Standard Edition Incentives

Nike Ultimate Team Campaign

In a significant move, EA Sports has announced that female players will be included in Ultimate Team mode for the first time in EA Sports FC 24. While EA has been gradually introducing women's football into its franchise in recent years, this marks the first time that well-known players like Beth Mead and Sam Kerr will be available alongside popular male players such as Messi. Additionally, the game will feature the Spanish and Dutch professional women's leagues.

One of the exciting new features in EA Sports FC 24 is the ability to recreate specific moments from live matches. The game will use direct footage from these matches to present gameplay challenges for players to complete.

Ultimate Team Evolutions is another new feature in EA Sports FC 24, which allows players to level up their favorite players by completing specific objectives. This feature will grant players improved ratings, skills, and designs, enabling them to build a team around their preferred players. When you build a team, if you need FC 24 Coins, you can buy them in Mmotank.

EA Sports FC 24 will see the return of several popular features, including the Champions League, which is making the switch from FIFA to this new game. Additionally, the English Premier League and other leagues will also feature in the game.

EA decided to abandon the Champions League brand name after FIFA reportedly demanded $1 billion every four years for the name alone. In response, EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson, commented that FIFA only contributes "four letters on the front of the box."

In MMOexp's 7/10 review of the previous game, it was noted that FIFA 23's impressive virtual football was a fitting farewell to the series' long-standing name. However, some familiar frustrations persisted, and some of its most beloved modes were still undervalued.