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How to Get Fast FortNite items!

About Fortnite Save the World Item Delivery.

Recently We found that many customers' orders were not delivered. There are 3 main reasons of that happened.

1. We have added the customers but they never accepted friend request. Due to this, we have made some simple steps about how to accept friend request.

We will add you in game once you ordered.

if you have not received this, please check your Left Menu of your game and you will see friend request from us.

Then you will find a friend request in Friend invites.


Then accept it .


2. We added customers as friends and they accepted us, but they did not accept our party invitations in game. 

Because the items will be delivered in game ,please make sure you can join the game once you got the invitation.

After we are friends in game, we will send you a party invite.

Then you can accept it and join our game .You can find it in the party invites

How to send Epic Friend Request for PS4 or Xbox User?

Here you go

3. The last issue is we cannot send friend request to you because your invitee's Privacy Settings.

If you are under this situation, please friend us or change Privacy Settings.

Must Read: How to change Privacy Settings. Here you go:

A.For Fortnite PC players

Please dont select Auto Decline Friend Requests

B:For Fortnite Playstation Players

C:For Fortnite XBOX Players

To make sure you have not involved with those issues above, then your orders will be delivered fast and easy . Hope everyone can enjoy a smooth shopping experience on our site.