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Maplestory 2 Cash Shop update

If you're going for the premium look, the Premium Surprise Style Box has the most sought-after styles in all of Maple World! Each Premium Surprise Style Box holds a permanent random decorative item! These items are regularly found in the Random Rewards > Surprise Box category in the Cash Shop.

There are 100 different permanent items available from the Premium Surprise Style Box. In non-Reboot worlds, you can trade these style box items with other players through the Cash Item Trade window, if you haven’t equipped them. Right-click on a character to see the menu.

You can also exchange them with NPC Ari, located near the Free Market entrance, and receive an Avatar Box Stamp. You can receive one stamp per item. This stamp is permanent and untradeable. When you collect enough stamps, you can talk to NPC Shiro, also located near the Free Market entrance, to exchange the stamps for a permanent equip item of your choice!

Take your Royal Hair Coupon to NPC Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon, or your Royal Face Coupon to NPC Nurse Pretty in Henesys Plastic Surgery to get your new style! Royal Style Coupons are regularly found in the Appearance > Beauty Parlor category in the Cash Shop. You can preview the Royal Styles by double-clicking on the Royal Hair Coupon or the Royal Face Coupon in the Cash Shop.

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