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Hello, everyone, are you waiting for revelation Online release like me? Just a few days are left now. I believe that it is an exciting thing to play this great game cause it has been very hot in China after it released.

Those of you who already have a beta key, can consider yourselves lucky. You will be amongst the first to get a look at the Western version of the game.

The Closed Beta will have several stages. The first stage is more a “technical test” in that the purpose of the beta will be to test Revelation Online’s core systems such as server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services and more to ensure that our core systems are operational, fully functional and able to withstand the stress of many players all logging into the game simultaneously. As a result, you may encounter localization issues, such as Chinese or Russian texts.

Each stage of the closed beta will allow you to learn and test new aspects of the game: the content will become accessible gradually.

The Revelation Online universe contains more localizable content than any other project Game Operations Department team have ever encountered. We decided to display the project as early as possible: That will allow us to test the game quickly and efficiently and will bring the open beta launch closer.

It will be our closed beta participants that will help us most: We will be working closely with feedback from the Revelation Online pioneers and, naturally, we will reward the most active testers with gifts.

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