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A Nose for News quest guide in Lost Ark

Mathias from Hoyte News. Hoyte News guides Lost Ark players to the cold and remote Glacier Island, where they discover a landscape that has been contaminated and is buried under toxic waste. The waste is believed to flounder in the north of Arthetine and the roots originate from the beginning of Stern's career as Mathias invites them to join forces in exposing the tale of corruption within the field of Arthetic technology.

Threads of arthetine draw the player firstly towards a Nebelhorn boil, which is located next to the lab and is responsible for the entire flow of water in the direction of Stern. Yulia director of the lab told me that the area around the oasis has recently displayed unusually high temperatures and encouraged players to examine the area around the oasis using the Magick Flow Detector to find something unusual.

The next set of events could be incredibly difficult for a lot of players. Although the area surrounding the cauldron and therefore of the area that is designated for retrieval during the mission - is very large, the area is limited by this Magick Flow Detector includes only the size of a tiny area around its position. When you consider that the detector is used only every five seconds - and all the enemies within the mission zone the time needed to locate the "right" place to put in the detector is likely to increase quickly. You will see all of them.

Location 1: Ribs by the narrow pass

Most of the time, the best place to put the reagent area within the bones of a threatening striker is near the oasis. The first location is not an exception to this since it is in the vicinity of a smaller amount of bone.

Location 2: Somewhere close to the spine

The bigger chest is an example of naturally Aita in the northern part of the trees at the center of the oasis. It is challenging, so those who are playing should aim their cursor at the vertebra to the right.

Location 3: Under the waterfall

The waterfall runs north towards an additional chest. This is also the location that was the site of the final find. If you aim your eyes towards one side of two deep ribs and the detector is visible, it will reveal a tech-savvy worker.

When an employee is confronted by interrogation, the employee admits that the technicians commanded him to work under the control of Arthetine principals. When he returns back to Stern Municipality with this information the character tries to work with Sasha the treasurer of the Arthetine to investigate the technology sector. This concludes A Nose for News and starts the next adventure in the Glacier Isle mission series, The Sickly Sea.

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