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How to get OSRS Fire Cape

Maybe you’ve heard of the Fire Cape within Old School RuneScape, but you aren’t sure what it is. Or perhaps you’ve seen someone wear it, and thought: that looks pretty cool! In this guide, we’ll explain what the OSRS Fire Cape is and how you’ll get it.

Before we start, it’s important to distinguish between the Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape. The Infernal Cape will be darker and look more like lava. That’s a step above the Fire Cape, which is significantly harder to get, but it requires that you get the Fire Cape first regardless. Whilst the Infernal Cape is harder, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Fire Cape is for most players, very difficult to attain.

Additionally,  the Fire Cape is the second-best cape in the game, with the only better cape being the Infernal Cape. Even if you die with the Fire Cape, you’ll keep the cape, unless you’re above level 20 Wilderness.

Defeating Jad

To get your Fire Cape, you must defeat Jad once. The Fire Cape isn’t tradeable: it must be earned.  The best combat style to use is Ranged, so bring your Ranged weapons and armor. As long as you have around 60 base stats, you should be able to fight Jad and defeat him. You can use black dragonhide, you don’t necessarily need a Twisted Bow or anything like that, but the better the equipment: the easier the time you’ll have in the final fight.

You must visit the Fight Cave, via the minigame teleport or fairy-ring code BLP.

You’ll fight numerous waves. Most waves are completely easy and trivial, until wave 63, which is where Jad appears.  Fighting Jad is actually quite simple. You’ll simply have to use the correct protection prayer, or you’ll easily get destroyed. When Jad is stomping his feet, he’ll use Ranged against you. If he growls and stands up, he will use a Magic-based fireball attack against you. Quickly switch prayers before any projectile hits you and anticipate his attacks.

Once Jad is at 50% health or less, some healers will appear. You aren’t required to kill the healers unless you take too long to kill Jad (in which case your damage output will be negated by heal value).

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