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Choose The Right New World Faction

Amazon Games' first MMO, New World, has already taken our world by storm. Launch day saw 700,000 people try to integrate into servers, and the game is still going strong, with thousands of users logging in every day to explore the fantasy world of Aeternum.

Now that we've had a chance to get to know New World, we know that one of the most unique elements of the game is that the core MMO element of the chapter systems has been removed. Instead, it allows characters to grow in a more organic way, as players choose their strengths and quirks using a complex skill tree design.

One of the most important features of an MMO is its social aspect, however, don't expect to become a solo ranger when you enter a new world for the first time. After a certain point, you will be expected to join one of the three factions - the Covenant, the Guild, or the Thieves. Each faction has its own deep-rooted values, along with a goal of locating your loyalties means you'll be part of the struggle, in a mutually beneficial arrangement that will help you develop your own story.

Choosing between these factions can be a difficult decision, and you will need to do your homework given that you will swear loyalty for at least 120 days. So what do these three groups want from their struggle, and what are they willing to do to get there? We've compiled each faction into its bones, revealing their motivations, beliefs, and methodologies to help you make the best decision.

The covenant

As the name suggests, this faction relies on spiritual guidance to shape its goals - the belief in the redemption of Aeternum through the exorcism of an ancient evil. The helpers of this tight-knit group surrender themselves as the guiding hands of God to perform the filthy work of cleansing the island of living heretics and corrupt life forms. These religious fanatics will stop at nothing to cleanse the land they believe can be recovered again, and work to restore Aeternum to its natural state of beauty and grace.

If you are usually a Paladin type or a clergyman, Dr. Hank K. They will train you in defensive magic and decorate you with sparkles. Reaching the highest rank of a judge has great privileges but falling on the wrong side of the wrath of the holy covenant may be unwise.

The Syndicate

A secret guild with a mysterious past, the guild is only devoted to knowledge and scientific discovery, even if it means revealing what was meant to be forgotten. They believe that the salvation of Aeternum lies in a new enlightened age, something that only they can enter. Joining this cult community requires you to have your wits at all times, and to be dedicated to the pursuit of forbidden knowledge in order to advance through the ranks of the apostate guild. Stick to the shadows, use stealth and cunning, *Aaadiyavel, having contacts in the guild will prove that he can't get Jado to jump with

For those who tend to be a wizard or an assassin, a guild will allow you to exercise your most deceitful inclinations. Although you will continue to face the victory of individual brute force, your strength mainly lies in your intelligence. However, having this information may lead you down a dark path that no one was supposed to walk.

The Marauders

If all that sounds a little considered and slow, the Marauders are probably for you. A militaristic faction devoted to strength, discipline, and order, they believe that a free Aeternum must be fought for. Under their rule, only the strongest survive, as they strive to build a system that rewards might above all else. The Marauders believed that their people would prosper if this community were carried throughout Aeternum, since they had proven themselves worthy, and assumed there was nothing left once their crusade was completed.

Led by a series of leaders, the thieves fit into a more traditional soldier-type structure, with the goal of achieving a free society in their eyes. Members of this faction must be ready to use a weapon at any moment, to fight only for the honour and glory of Aeternum, and to follow orders to the end. Loyal and well-trained soldiers will be rewarded with positions of power and influence, along with some impressive weapons and gear that will distinguish them among the crowd as someone who is not to be trifled with.

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