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Lineage2M Game Reviews

What are Lineage2M and its advantages?

Lineage2M is a mobile MMORPG based on the fantasy world of Lineage, set in the open world of Aden, full of monsters, treasures, and adventures. The developer NCSOFT aims to bring a series of innovations to this type. Coming from a vast and seamless open world; for those bosses who need large-scale collaboration and competition; the game system rewards you for playing time-the following are some of the key features you can expect in Lineage2M.

Graphics optimized for mobile and PC

The character and environment visual effects of Lineage2M will not freeze even if they are displayed in full 3D on your mobile device. For example, when killing detailed boss monsters with dozens or hundreds of other players at the same time, the graphics remain smooth. In addition, each type of character has its own unique visual style, which evolves with the development of experience. As you advance in the level of your chosen profession, your wardrobe, weapons, armor, and items will become more ornate and decorated.

Although the game involves microscopic details of patterns and fabrics, the Aden world of Lineage2M is estimated to be 240 million square meters and very diverse. Due to the emphasis on the smallest details, each village and domain has its own unique characteristics and characteristics, which are reflected in the bosses living in it and the objects that can be found there.

Character growth is rooted in stable player engagement

As long as you are willing to log in and maintain at least a minimal presence, you can move forward steadily in this game. Persevering players only need to show up to earn daily benefits, push rewards on time, passes, etc., to get a substantial level of growth. One of these mechanisms is called daily welfare, which provides essentials for character development. By clicking the Menu> "Daily" tab, you will receive free items as daily benefits. On the last day of the daily benefit streak, you will receive high rewards. In this way, it can be guaranteed that anyone who plays the game every day can upgrade the specifications of his character.

Another way you can upgrade your character is through punctual rewards. The tools and items needed for character development will drop through notifications at a fixed time each day. To get these rewards, you must view them through the "Mail" tab, but they are time-sensitive. If you don't open the mail in time, the offer will expire. When the game is released globally, additional support will be provided for character upgrades through the newly introduced pass system. Users can use "Aden Pass" to complete tasks to get rewards, use "Novice Pass" to experience and complete core tasks, and obtain epic skill books.

Your Time Matters - Return On Time Investment

Lineage2M’s in-game content is designed to allow users to make progress through consistent gameplay. You can use this idea in three ways:

Class path: The acquisition of ‘class’ is mainly achieved through the class card. However, thanks to this "path" system, when a user reaches a certain level, the user can upgrade to a higher level of the class they choose, which means that if you insist on playing, you can guarantee to accumulate cards and upgrade.

Codex: The items obtained during the game seem unnecessary at first, but this is just before you understand the Codex system. The system allows users to use the extra items they obtain during the game to upgrade. This means that if you play a lot, you will naturally get a high level of Codex completion and accumulate many items that may not be useful to your character or class, but in Lineage2M, you will receive these items and the compensation for your efforts Statistics and gains.

Card Fusion: Just like any random lottery, you will sometimes find that you have duplicate career cards and Agathion cards. By "merging" your extra cards, you can basically create new career/Agathion cards. In fact, you have the opportunity to forge a stronger card through fusion, so the more Duplicate Class/Agahion cards you accumulate, the more likely you are to get a higher-level card.

Crossplay Deepens Immersion

Lineage2M is designed to play across multiple platforms and benefit from the latest game software technology. PC PURPLE provides an optimized PC and cross-game environment by supporting graphics up to 4K resolution and custom control keys. On Mobile PURPLE, you can play games that were originally installed on your PC via your mobile phone. So you can play the game anytime, anywhere. Using PURPLEtalk in the game, you can chat in real-time without connecting to the game channel. The sound quality means you don't need to use other voice channels, which will come in handy when playing with friends or clan members.

So Remember

Although these features make Lineage2M compelling, only you can decide whether the game is worth entering the crowded MMORPG arena. Lineage2M is available now on PC, Android, and iOS. Mmotank always has sufficient Lineage 2M Diamonds inventory and competitive prices. There is a professional team, professional service, and dedicated service to you!