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RuneScape makes changes to Treasure Hunter

An update has been released for RuneScape that made changes to Treasure Hunter. It enhances the experience, such as a new look and increases transparency.

The RuneScape team has revealed that these treasure hunter changes are the result of small improvements for a better experience. For example, the probability of winning a particular prize is now calculated and displayed in real-time. All this new information will be displayed in a new window that will replace the Categories interface.

Changes to Prizes

Changes have also been made to the awards. The following have been removed from the treasure hunter:

Destiny 2: October 1, Xur's location, weapons, and armor

   Skilling Outfits: Normal and Elite.

   Slayer Masks: They are going to be available through Shattered Worlds play.

   Wicked Hood Tokens: Now available in the Runespan Shop for 1,500 points each.

   200m Coins: This has been replaced by a 50m Coin prize.

   Brilliant Alchemist Fragments: Fragments that were otherwise lying around have been converted to 250 Oddments each.

   All cosmetic items except those applicable to a current promotion.

These are the prizes added:

   Giant Stars and Giant Lamps. Promotional versions of these also exist like Smouldering Lamps and Bubbling Lamps.

   Huge Coin Pouch: Values change according to total level.

   Portable Packs (assorted sizes).

Hearts of Ice Discontinuation

The changes made to the treasure hunter are really exciting. However, there is some bad news - Hearts of Ice is over. According to the RuneScape team, this was done for the following reasons:

   Many of the promos now have alternative control methods and transparent probabilities built-in.

   The other changes render them redundant.

   They've always been a bit fiddly.

Players who still have Hearts of Ice with Oddments will be replaced with 1 Oddment for every 5 Hearts of Ice.

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