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NBA 2K22 Is Worth Playing On Nintendo Switch

My first foray into MyCareer mode, where I built my own brutal perimeter protection point for the Chicago Bulls. Since then, my involvement with the 2k franchise has been rumored to be about the gradual improvement of graphics changes (and occasional visits to pre-pandemic PS4 arcade games). This is still the biggest NBA title to date, but last year's release drew a lot of negative reviews on Metacritic from users.

Nintendo, as the most expensive alternative in the world of last-generation game consoles, is known for its ability to undermine the quality of its releases of major sports titles, which was evident when 2k21 came out. So the question is, is it still worth buying a 2k22 console at a similar price to other next-gen and last-gen consoles?

The game comes in 3 editions: the Cross-Gen Bundle exclusive to the digital versions of the game, the Standard Edition featuring the face of Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic, and the 75th Anniversary Edition of the NBA game featuring the faces of Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kevin Durant.

Upon opening the game, the player is greeted with a blue loading screen that often takes longer. But in terms of gameplay, you'll be entertained, thanks to some major changes to the Basketball AI IQ and the reintegration of the shot counter with the game's more advanced fatigue system.

Graphically it was better than 2k21 but came out a bit slow on some occasions which is totally understandable given the nature of my device. Some hairlines were a little inaccurate, but I'm sorry. Shotmeter, who has tried to adapt to the player's stress meter, takes time to get used to as someone who plays the game as casually as possible.

Player movements focused more on basketball awareness and IQ. For example, as usual, I always tried to get my players to cross the perimeter as a thin way to ride in the paint. But the improved AI player can now read that, forcing the user to pause and resort to more tactical tactics to help the team score. It allowed the player to find more creative ways to discover the open man.

Developments made Pro mode feel like Hall of Fame mode to me and for the first time, I had to change my shot meter to match the player's percentage.

MyCareer (and hopes for The City on the Switch)

MyCareer has been formulaic, if not generic, over the years. While the formula remains the same, 2k22 has made some tweaks, with the plot touching on the rise of a social media influencer aspiring to become a pro, somewhat in line with the rise of YouTube highlighting the professional competition. Unlike the rookie's presentation of the NBA draft story, it's a testament to how the MyCareer feature has come a long way.

I have yet to fully explore the feature of MyCruise, where players play some beach basketball with other online users, due to technical limitations on my part. But it looks like a promising option that is expected to evolve in the coming years.

It was very sad that I couldn't experience the combination of City Mode with MyCareer, W Mode or MyCareer Mode for the WNBA, with those two things I wanted to experience the most from the series of updates offered for this year's episode. But hopefully, for the next part, the developers can come up with versions suitable for last generation consoles like Nintendo Switch, PC and others.


NBA 2k22 is seriously trying to move away from the formula gameplay that the franchise has held for years, improving the graphics and artificial intelligence, while adding features that will make you buy the game after routine roster changes and player skill changes based on the last season.

So to speak, NBA 2k22 is a step outside to get some fresh air, and well worth trying on a Nintendo Switch if you want a taste of these features. But if you want the full experience, getting their versions on a next-gen console is your best bet.

However, the story flow can slow down at times and maybe 2k can consider adding more subplots for the player to explore in the future. Or better yet, make a version of The City compatible with Nintendo Switch. While playing the game, you may need a lot of MT, here is the best NBA 2K22 MT store!