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How To Get Star Seeds In Bless Unleashed

Star seeds are an important resource for advancement through Bless Unleashed, and you can buy items from the Marketplace, travel fast, and refresh yourself, among other things. Getting them efficiently will make your milling process more enjoyable, so here’s our tip on how to get the most star seeds in the shortest time possible.

Use Starseed Booster

If you have the means, buying Starseed Booster will make all the methods in this guide more effective, so we need to mention them. The basic booster is a 20% increase for 30 days and costs 800 lumens (about $ 8), and the advanced booster is a 40% increase for 30 days and costs 1,500 lumens (about $ 15). Stack both effects, giving an extra 60% bonus star seed for 30 days at 2,300 lumens ($ 23). If you’re committed to Bless Unleashed, it will increase the efficiency of Star seed farming.

Visit Olvera on Karzakur Square

To get a steady stream of Star Seeds, visit Olvera’s Carzacor’s Plaza once a day and buy Star Seeds with Gold. At level 5, you can convert 1,500 gold from 1,000 star seed, increasing steadily to level 26, allowing you to convert 56,500 gold to 11,000 star seed. Although the ratio of gold to star seeds is lower at level 26, this conversion becomes more efficient at a higher level because it is easier to obtain gold. 50,000 gold is a reasonable amount to get a day to play at low levels, and at high levels, it can be trivial at times.

Once the Star Seed Boosters are activated, Olvera will sell you 17,600 Star seeds at level 26. The Olvera Star Seed exchange will be changed daily at a specific time.

Use the market

To get the maximum number of Stars seeds, you need to sell the products in the market. The following products are easy to obtain continuously and regularly at a good price:

   Gear and loot boxes from bosses

   Luminos Root

   Dawn Fern

   Breath Mushroom

   Thin Branch + Unripe Fruit

   Iron Ore

The prices of these items change over time, and the best places to get them sometimes change with the latest patches, but the Bless Unleashed community is always eager to spread the word about how these products can be grown more efficiently. Find out which is easier or more fun for you, and then do it. In our testing, we chose the PvE farm terminal to sell unopened loot boxes (instead of opening them ourselves and risking unsold garbage) because we were able to meet with friends and make a profit together. When working alone, it may be more profitable or even more relaxing to perform a regular circuit collection.

The last quick and safe way is to buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from MMOtank, which saves time and improves the game experience!