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The Game Of New World

In the past week and a half, a battle has been brewing in the New World closed beta. Among all the servers set up by Amazon Games for the closed beta test of its upcoming MMORPG, New World, a North American server and a European server were selected to host this special event. 66 Twitch anchors-33 per server-log on to Aeternum.

Distributed equally among the three factions, each group of streamers begins to conquer the Aeternum area and earn points by completing the task list along the way. Throughout the Beta process, the faction with the highest score at the end of the game will not only receive the right to a fixed reward but will also receive a box of loot as a reward to share with their community. Each winner will receive 100 copies of the new world, which will be given to their community and a special Twitch Drop during the first week of launch to run on their channel.

My first thought was to praise Amazon Games for going beyond the normal sponsorship flow you see in most major releases today. If Amazon does not use its own platform, it will be a waste, so it is a good idea to pull so many streamers into the special event of the same game space. The Twitch community is always eager to enter the game with their favorite anchors, and the new world will be the perfect way for hundreds or even thousands of people to pre-purchase Beta keys so they can push their leaders to the top Leaderboard.

Since the start of the closed beta, after watching the North American New World War, I have come to the conclusion that the event is more valuable to developers as an analysis and testing tool than as a marketing tool. There are only less than two months left until the new world is released. This did not give Amazon developers too much time to sift through two weeks of data. Focusing on data from anchors and their followers not only allows developers to narrow the amount of data to be filtered, but also provides a more comprehensive picture.

Many beta players will always play, but many casual players like me will only play here and there. It is players like the anchor and their community who spend hours a day honing production and upgrades, and they will really notice errors and report them. People like me have a fairly low chance of encountering a major error or game mechanics problem, and actually realize that I have a lower chance of finding it and reporting it.

On the other hand, throughout the beta, match anchors have followers who strive to collect, produce, and fight. This means that it is not thousands of people smashing a few rocks or cutting down a few trees, but individuals who have collected thousands of resources. This not only helps catch errors and vulnerabilities but also provides a consistent data flow that can help identify any drop rate issues.

The last area where streamer data can help is overall balance. For example, as all the server factions begin to declare war, the defense group seems to have an overwhelming advantage. Cries came from all directions, saying that the defensive artillery had been overwhelmed and that the attacker would never win a battle.

The streaming server was no different at first. After just a few battles, many match anchors were talking about the balance between offense and defense, but by the end of the first week, the Yama server had seen multiple battles in a single day. As players become more familiar with their roles, strategies have even begun to overcome the power of the cannon, and now many attacks have been victorious.

The overwhelming power of dedication also means that they can also win in some of the most difficult PvE content the New World has to offer-Invasion. Without a large amount of time invested by BFNW anchors and their staff, we might not have seen this transition from automatic failure to possible victory. Without these additional data, Amazon Games may overcompensate and push the balance pendulum in another direction. The time that occurs in other games cannot be calculated, so why not here?

However, the New World War not only helped Amazon games. It also helped every consumer who was still hesitant to buy when the new world was released. Not everyone can spend 10-12 hours a day playing games during the test. With the fierce battle of the new world, I can see all aspects of the gameplay that I still have questions about. For a game that focuses on PvP, is there anything PvE players can do? Yes, there are dungeons and invasions, and because of BFNW, I can see them before making a purchase decision. Will people who specialize in gathering, fishing and/or crafting have a place in Aeternum? Absolutely.

However, the most important thing is that the New World War is very interesting. I often watch syndicates and anchors in the Star Alliance faction, spend much more time on Twitch than usual, and watch them fight on BFNW. Even when playing New World on different servers to avoid queues, Twitch was turned on in the background the syndicate prevented the attack of the predators in their first war. When the syndicate successfully attacked for the first time. I also witnessed their first defeat at the hands of predators. When my favorite Syndicate and Covenant anchors joined forces to complete the invasion, it was great to see content that I might never be able to play. The highs are as low as the lows, just like any sports team I support.

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