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New World: Tips For Beginners

New World is a new MMO from Amazon that is huge and massive. While it contains many of the originals typical of the MMO, there is much to be said for the uniqueness of the New World craft, resource gathering, and expedition systems. The New World is also a game without a class, which means you won’t be forced to choose a particular way to play. Instead, your power increases as you control your weapons. These tips cover everything you need to know about crafting, gathering resources, completing tasks, and choosing the right structure to start the game.

How To Rise Quickly In A New World

Like any MMO, the fast handicap is almost the whole purpose of the game. While the new world sometimes promotes slower play (cutting trees, crushing rocks, making unnecessary armor), most players want to compete against level 60 to start the final content of the game and PVP.

Here are our tips for speeding up your investigation:

    ● Choose the appropriate design. We have a complete description of the best quick design here. It includes speeding up Hatchet and Bow in everything you need to do.

    ● Perform the correct tasks. It is a good idea to balance the performance of urban tasks with many side tasks and simplify the most important thing. More on that below.

    ● Use the repost function to shorten travel times. Since fast travel is a little harder in the new world, it’s a good idea to set up camp and then kill yourself until you’re back in the giver position. It can save up to twenty minutes to complete a task.

The Best Tasks In The New World

The beginning of the New World spawns in one of four starting points: First Light, Windward, Monarch’s Bluff or Everfall. You can complete startup tasks in any of these areas. However, in an area like Everfall, there are usually higher-level herds to kill, which can make side tasks a little more difficult. It’s better to head to First Light and complete the tasks there.

Other tasks to be performed:

    ● City duties, collected by the city council. Some have a lot of grafting, like a set of coffins, while some, like collecting iron or killing 20 deer, are much easier to accomplish. You can finish them while doing other tasks.

    ● Fraction assignments are a great way to gain XP and improve your team’s ranking in this area. The faction representative gives them depending on which group you joined. You don’t get a lot of XP, so choose only the ones that can be run while doing other side tasks.

    ● You want to travel to "Expeditions" mode as fast as possible. These are events in the new dungeons of the world, of which there are currently six events in the play. The first is Journey of Two Ages, which is available around level 24.

How Craft Works In The New World

The industry is one of the main parts of the New World game. Since Alpha, the system has done a lot of work and in the beta system, the system is very convincing and makes long resource gathering tasks more interesting.

However, craftsmanship definitely feels like the ultimate element of the game. Sure, you can spend some time making occasional linen armor early in the game, but it didn’t take long for you to start making more powerful items and equipment and, most importantly, start selling them at a big profit.

    ● Areas with scarce resources are often covered with high-level monsters. You still need to level the grind to treat these areas.

    ● There are many separate skill trees in the industry, such as weaving and smelting, and a whole group of materials gathering, such as logging and mining. You can either work with it steadily while playing or really focus on one area.

How The Battle Works In The New World

New World has a classless system, which means you don’t have to immediately become a supporting character or a tank, even if you still want to specialize in a particular structure or style of play.

This is done by creating a structure. The layout you use during the first days of the New World should be one that helps you complete tasks quickly and eventually work well inquests, in the game’s dungeon system.

Different weapons have different championship trees with locking points and levels for killing enemies. For example, the Life Crew is a classic support weapon with AoE enhancement, while the Hatchet is a versatile weapon that has speed, durability, and damage, but lacks defenses.

There can always be two weapons in a building: primary and secondary. Creating a structure with a balance between two weapons is fun.

    ● Weapons and armor can be impregnated with gems later in the game. For example, you may have a gem that improves a certain management skill or that mocks your armor.

    ● High-level weapons, the rarest, have other gems and other innate enthusiasts.

Understand The Fraction System And Regions

At the beginning of the game (level 10), you have the opportunity to join one of three new world factions: thieves, alliance or guild. Different groups have different cosmetic combinations, but others than them mostly work the same way.

However, choosing the right group can be very important, although this is different for each server. Groups can mainly control large areas, raise taxes, and constantly win battles against a smaller group. It may be a good idea to choose a group that manages the server.

The task of the New World would, of course, be to make sure that one group not only eats up the entire server, but it really doesn’t show up in beta. There may be greater benefits to choosing a smaller group in the full version.

    ● Almost every New World land area could be bought by New World Coins and fought. This makes up a large part of the game's PVP. Different groups are fighting in the country.

    ● Once they own the area, the group can set the tax rate, receive rewards, and choose which projects to implement (such as raising the blacksmith’s level so all players can create better equipment).