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Bring Your Weapons To The Battle In The New World

In a typical MMO, you may need to use certain weapons based on the category you choose. Warriors specializing in melee attacks are not given spells, while stealth bikes are prevented from accessing long-range hands. If you want to try, you have to start over.

Not so in the new world. Amazon Games ’upcoming MMO will throw the numbers out the window instead of letting you choose any weapon you want at any time. You can spend hours mastering the hammer, but you can still carry the rifle on your back and your staff in your warehouse, which can be useful for parties.

But how do these different fighting styles interact, and how do you know which one is right for you? To get a head start elsewhere in Aeternum, we’ll look at three fighting styles and what you should expect from them.


If you want to be close and personal with your enemy, the New World will be happy to stick with it. With swords, axes, hatchets, and even a war hammer, you’re sure to find something that will keep a smile on your face as you defeat the monsters of Aeternum.

The melee game is perfect for anyone who wants to damage enormous enemies as quickly as possible. Each weapon handles it differently, and you can unlock different abilities as you gain control of each weapon. Warhammers, for example, are useful for stunning and hitting enemies back into a small area, but attack more slowly, while combat equipment allows you to effect bleeding on enemies and deliver a series of attacks to a single target, but deal a little less damage to faster attacks.

Choose any melee weapon, you just tap the enemy and wait for them to die in automatic attacks. You need to group your attacks into combinations and incorporate abilities into your strikes to get the most out of your space and ill effects. And unless you have strong armor, you also need to block and roll it so you don’t cause too much damage to your enemies. Just look at the endurance meter when blocking - keep your guard on for too long and you’ll find you’re exhausted and unable to resist.

There are some powerful weapons available for melee enthusiasts. Sword users can expect to use mediation - a powerful blade that causes magical damage and is especially strong against damage. Meanwhile, hammer blowers can get their hands on Parabellum, which ignites enemies on fire and damages unharmed enemies.


Long-range fighting in the New World comes in two flavors - bows and guns. The springs are best suited for fast and accurate attackers who want to deal with various status ailments to their enemies. At the same time, weapons are slower and more powerful, and focus on skills related to detonating enemies and creating traps to lure enemies into them.

Whatever your choice, your place on the battlefield is as far away from the action as possible. You have to focus on your goal when using long-range weapons, which leaves you attacking from a blind spot - or what happens past attacks. However, you get the added benefit of being able to take massive damage when you fall over your heel, so taking the right goal takes time.

Archers should keep an eye on the legendary Longsight bow, which can cause electric shocks to enemies when an arrow hits a target. In the meantime, the Knights will finally get their hands on the Cryptic Message, a weapon that will do extra damage if an active fault works against you.


Magic is all over Aeternum, and as long as you have a team in your hand and a little mana is available, you can use it to your heart’s content. There are two forms of personnel - healers can use cast life to help themselves and their allies survive, while destructive magicians can use cast fire to destroy their enemies. You can even carry one of them and switch between them in the middle of a fight, which helps keep the direction of the fight to your advantage.

No matter what you plan to practice, you need to pay special attention to your position in combat to make sure your magic is really handy. Most of the magic you use requires some sort of throwing time that will get you to take root and leave you open to attack before the spell. These spells can also affect large areas instead of a single target, so you need to throw these spells in the right places to ensure maximum damage or heal as many allies as possible.

The trade-off is that these spells can be utterly devastating. Cast a Meteor Shower with the legendary Agony fire staff and prepare to watch your enemies burst into flames as they’re struck again and again by giant flaming rocks. Or light up your friends with a Beacon spell from your life staff – perhaps the Newfound Longing, if you’re lucky – to not only deal damage to your foes, but heal any allies nearby.

However you like your combat, New World has plenty of ways to make it fun for you. And even if you decide after 50 hours that you’re done playing with swords, there’s no need to start over – just grab a bow or staff and jump back in. You can experiment with all styles, or join the adventure when the game launches on August 31, 2021. MMOtank will provide the New world coins or New world items you need!