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Madden 22: What'S New In The Franchise?

Much of what Madden 22 has revealed so far has focused on the state of the custom franchise. And perhaps for good reason, given the massive setback that EA faced last year. But Madden also has 22 other modes, including Face of the Franchise, storytelling, role-playing mode where you can navigate your career as a professional athlete with Mut 22 Coins.

Madden 22 brings new features to Face of the Franchise: United We Rise - including a new playable location - but mostly improves on and builds on what’s already in place.

You’ll start your career as a potential generation man in the 2021 NFL Draft. You train with other NFL players at Nike headquarters and participate in other activities that ultimately impact your core competencies, such as the College Football Playoff, NFL team interviews, and private practice. While these situations are necessarily new to the situation, they are presented in such a way that you have to make some choices that can affect your career in the long run.

Sometimes you have to make decisions that affect the status of your draft, including whether you have to choose to attend a Hawaiian charity game or a Nike-sponsored fair in New York. Your decision will not only lead to a different gaming experience, but you will get different rewards and opportunities as a result of your choice.

The new franchise interface also has a class progression system. This is a much simpler way to customize a launcher.

As a reminder, there are now four jobs in front of the franchise service; QB, WR, HB and for the first time a line of defense like Linebacker. There are several categories associated with each location, and these categories have three Superstar abilities and one X-Factor ability that allows you to unlock as you progress through the class. As you progress in your career, you can equip Superstar and X-Factor abilities you’ve acquired from other classes if you can unlock them, allowing you to mix and match for complete customization.

The seasonal engine serves a purpose and offers weekly stories to help set new challenges and moments in the game. The different challenges are presented based on how you and your team succeed throughout the season, and there are at least ten scenarios that can start based on your location, your team, and your weekly performance. Your presentation will feature more than 70 podcasts that include interviews and opinions with stories based on their careers. 

There are also side functions to further customize the player. Each week, there are three different ways to earn a unique increase or bonus that offers a temporary increase in investment in the short term or a long-term improvement in smaller but permanent increments, or you can earn REP or CRED.

Secondary activities fall into four main categories: mental concentration, physical recovery, team bonding, and own branding. Side activity is sporadic, and there is no same combination in two weeks, which means you have to choose carefully because you may not get the same opportunity in the future. In addition, some side functions are less common than others, resulting in a higher premium.

Another great feature on the face of a franchise is its stressful moments, unique scenarios that put you in challenging situations designed to provide a more immersive experience. In next-generation consoles, stressful moments feel even more intense as an added benefit of Dynamic Gameday integration.