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Madden Nfl 22: Are The Changes In Franchise Mode Sufficient?

Now that Madden NFL 22 has been officially unveiled, attention is turning to exactly what the next installment of the long-running series has to offer. One of the biggest complaints in the last few releases is that the franchise mode hasn’t been fun or different enough from year to year. This year, Electronic Arts explained a number of changes to the franchise mode that will hopefully be enough to convince fans to stay true to the Madden NFL series. The big question is whether the company has achieved this goal.

When it comes to Madden NFL 22 predictions, EA seems to have contributed to some of the complaints players have had over the years. EA should get points for being honest about items like the one on offer: updates from this year’s release are clearly aimed at making the franchise status more realistic. It seems like an effort has been made to make players feel like they really like the front office, which has definitely been missing from the last batches.

Coaches make a difference in Madden NFL 22

One of the biggest changes in Madden NFL 22 may be one of the most effective when it comes to how coaches affect the game. While the ability to hire and coach coaches have been in use for a long time, this year’s edition adds to the reasons for hiring the right assistants. Each team member is said to influence the players below them: coaches have different ratings that help players progress and improve, while coaches themselves can also progress and improve themselves.

This special feature sounds similar to what MLB The Show 21 offers in terms of the throwing and hitting coach. If this works as intended, appointing the right offensive coordinator can add enough insult to put the team at the top. The question is whether or not these changes will have a real impact. There is also the question of whether the impact is large enough to saturate people who are tired of repeating Madden.

Madden NFL 22 Live can be a game changer

The biggest mod Madden NFL 22 has offered this year in its franchise mode is a kind of live service base. This particular change is said to allow the game to evolve very quickly and improve as the year progresses. How this works is still a bit of a mystery, but it looks like a game changer.

In addition to the live service, there is a weekly layout that allows players to better customize each team’s opponent’s game plan. When these two options come together, there’s a really real chance that the gameplay in Madden NFL 22 league mode will be better than it has been over the years. It all depends on whether Electronic Arts should keep its promises or not. This is an open question until the launch date, but so far there are positive signs.

Madden NFL 22 will be released on the 12th. August for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. MMOtank will provide legit Madden 22 Coins.