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EA wants "best quality experience from new consoles"

While the latest Madden game was unveiled last week - an update to one of the best sports games - PC fans were shocked to find that the Madden NFL 22 PC version would be the last generation and miss the next-generation features advertised by EA for the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. EA is now the reason they are focusing on the next version of consoles with this release.

When Madden NFL 22 was announced on Thursday, EA included several next-generation features that came in PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of the game that are not included in the latest-generation PS4 and Xbox One versions. These features include next-generation stats, more accurate artificial intelligence, a stadium atmosphere, and improved movement - most of these “Dynamic Games” features have been added by the publisher to make the latest Madden release even more exciting and realistic.

Unfortunately, the PC version is the PS4 / Xbox One version and not the next generation version. Sports Gamers Online took a survey from EA and got a response, even if it didn’t satisfy disappointed PC fans - who are just getting Madden games back in 2019.

“It’s something that will be explored in the future,” explains a representative of EA Sports. "We're still moving to the next generation at an early stage, and the team is currently focusing on providing the best quality experience for the new consoles before we want to upgrade to other platforms."

While the explanation offers hope that the patch may reach Madden 22 on the PC(Buy Madden 22 Coins here) after the game is released on August 20, in this case, the "future" may also refer to Madden 23 next year. It’s certainly disappointing, especially as EA has made huge strides to make Madden PC similar to consoles - for example, last year’s Madden 21 appeared on Steam and Origin on the same day as the first console versions in the series. Hopefully, PC Madden fans won’t have to wait all year to enjoy the game’s next-generation release.