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The Aion Classic will launch in America on June 23rd

NCSOFT revealed this week that it will finally launch Aion Classic in North and South America in two weeks. If you’re not familiar with this yet, just like WoW Classic and Old-School Runescape, this is an old version of Aion that takes you back to the early days of the server and some of the first extensions and adventures created for the MMORPG. It has been such a hit in Europe so far that players have improved to return to the game, and now Western players can try it too. The game will be dropped on June 23, when Founders Packs is now available for purchase. Here is more information about the game.

Aion Classic returns with some early games, popular dungeons, and just four original character classes (each with two original subclasses). In the spirit of classic MMORPG experiences, players ’progress in Aion Classic is moderate, increasing players’ opportunities to explore the world of Asmodians and creatures.

Aion Classic has a subscriber-based model for players as well as a free game option. By purchasing Soul Aura for real money, players can purchase recurring subscriptions for 30, 90 or 365 days. A 3-day ticket is also available. The free game option is available to everyone, but players gain experience more slowly than subscribers. Aion Classic will also receive the Battle Pass, the Daeva Pass, which offers new missions and rewards, and its first-rate currency, the Quna, which can be used to purchase cosmetics and consumables, account services, and unlock high Daeva Pass levels.

Aion Classic is also a return to the unique PVP Rift Aion, which opens portals between the worlds of Asmodae and Elysea, offers PVP-specific missions and its own PVP currency(buy Aion Classic Kinah at MMOtank) that can be used to purchase special rewards and also invest in player ratings. Fraction-based sieges also complement Aion Classic’s PvP experience, where players from rival factions fight to control targets. Winners will receive special prizes.