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After 5 Years, The MMORPG Neverwinter Is Now Getting A New Class

As announced by Cryptic Studios, June 2nd, the ninth grade of the MMORPG Neverwinter will finally be presented. It would be the first new class since 2016. Fans are now speculating: Is the druid finally coming? Not many expected that anymore. After more than 5 years, the MMORPG Neverwinter has been given a new class.

Is one of the most important classes from D&D actually coming to Neverwinter?

What class could Neverwinter join now? Under the Twitter announcement, the players are already speculating which character will now be announced. Most agree: it will be the druid. It was already traded as a new addition to Neverwinter in 2018.

What was speculated back then? At that time, a tarot card depicting the druid was published on the Neverwinter Facebook page. A clear indication for many players. However, nothing has happened since then.

What can the druid do? Druids are one of the standard classes in D&D. The nature mages appear in almost every setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Her specialties are nature magic, summoning all kinds of pets and transforming them into large monsters. Druids are therefore very versatile and are a popular class in D&D.

In the D&D MMORPG Neverwinter, however, you are looking in vain for the druids. The class simply does not exist.

When will there be more information? So from June 2nd, we will know which class will be joining Neverwinter. Which classes are there currently? These are the 8 classes of Neverwinter:

Honorbound Paladin

Protective Warrior

Tactical Magician

Watchful Ranger

Two-Handed Gunmen

Religious Cleric

Annihilating Warlock


Each of the classes has typical MMO properties and fields of application. Faithful Clerics and Honorbound Paladins are suitable as healers, while the Protective Warrior is more suitable as a solo class. You can find out which class is best for which situation with us: Neverwinter - which is the best class? Which class could come next now? Do you also think that it is about the druid? Or do you have another candidate?

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