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Neverwinter Releases Sharandar

Are you ready to return to Neverwinter and Sharandar Land again? It's time for Xbox and PlayStation players to join their PC with Episode 2: The Soul Keeper. And to celebrate, episode 3 is also detailed.

After the initial return to the Sharandar unit that saw players able to conquer The Iron Tooth, The Soul Keeper has arrived to put a new spin on Sharandar as the adventurers travel to Mended Grove and try to discover why the dead haunt inland.

Throughout Episode 2, you'll find access to new territories, redesigned Adventure Zone, new menacing fears, additional missions, heroic showdowns and many more rewards. It seems like a good reason to return to the ever-expanding world of Neverwinter.

In Episode 2: The Soul Keeper, the plague in New Sharandar has disappeared, but a dark cloud has now descended over the forest and is slowly infiltrating Mended Grove. One by one, the remains of the long-tacit tombs were unearthed, as the elves that Eldrin had long passed and walked again as if they were still alive. It's here where you came here, but join these resurrected corpses to the Iliyanbruen elves who have been corrupted by Night Hag, known as Mathilda Soulstealer, an ancient sinister creature who drains the life of every living creature it touches. To rid Mended Grove of the undead, you and your friends must join forces to help the elves in New Sharandar defeat the soul-stealing Night Hag.

In Episode 3: The Odious Court, adventurers travel to Dark Fey Mire to investigate the fetid swamp tainted by the mysterious dark magic of Magra Curse-Eye, the deceitful Green Hag, and her sisters from the Odious Court. With frog-like humanoids called Grungs claiming the area as their own, along with aggressive Dryads who have taken refuge within, adventurers need to restore safety to the region -- all the while uncovering the role of the Odious Court. In addition to new story content, the last episode also brings exciting new features to Sharandar, including an epic battle against all three of the menacing hags, new bounties, new heroic encounters, new rewards and much more.

While exploring the expansive forest, Neverwinter players will now face some of the most powerful living Night Hag servants, all taking on new rewards and taking on heroic challenges. The main heroic Waking Nightmares game represents adventurer missions to defeat the powerful Nightmares Keeper to free the imprisoned adventurers before turning into the undead. Prove strong enough to complete these deadly battles and you'll be able to win epic rewards from New Sharandar's Iliyanbruen elves, including new companion gear and rings with new powers.

In all, Neverwinter Episode 2: The Soul Keeper includes the following:

The Mended Grove – Explore the new Mended Grove area of the Sharandar Adventure Zone, where undead servants haunt the living, summoned by a soul-stealing Night Hag.

Night Hag Lair – The vile Night Hag has made a lair for herself in an ancient Illefarn crypt where she hoards her stolen souls. Undead guardians abound in this long-forgotten tomb!

The Soul Keeper Campaign – Begin the second Sharandar campaign for new rewards, including new companion armor sets, along with new rings with brand-new powers new to Neverwinter.

New Heroic Encounters – The new Mended Grove area has four new, challenging Heroic Encounters (one Major Heroic Encounter and three Minor Heroic Encounters). Upon successfully completing an encounter, adventurers are rewarded with Seals of the Wild, which can be traded for Crone’s gear.

New Bounties – As the threat of the hags grows, more of their foul champions are brought forth. The Iliyanbruen elves of New Sharandar reward those adventurers brave enough to defeat these threats and claim the bounties.

You’ll find Episode 2: The Soul Keeper rolling out right about now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5. It’s been available on PC for a little while already. Grab a free download of the game from the store of your choice and buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds from us. And if you wish to know more about it, check out our exclusive interview with the Neverwinter team.