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A peek into the future of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’

The Elder Scrolls Online is experiencing a tense moment as it gets closer to the release of Blackwood, the latest expansion of the MMO game - or chapter, as it is called in ESO. Players will venture into the Tamriel region of Blackwood, a stretch of land sandwiched between the Argonian habitat of the Black Marsh and Cyrodiil, the imperial capital.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood is very interested in Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon and the deal he made with the near-emperors. If this all sounds cute and familiar to Oblivion players, it's because it is. Yes, Blackwood will let you visit popular sites like Layawiin, and yes, it will loot Oblivion portals in the game's open world. This nostalgia could be a double-edged sword.

Recreate old worlds

According to ESO, he is slowly replicating his strategy when it comes to locations previously seen in single-player Elder Scrolls titles. You have to change some parts and leave others as they are - but of course, that's a huge gray area.

There is definitely a lot of nostalgia in Blackwood, from the showdown with Dagon again to the rise of the Oblivion Portals - a game feature that has certainly been seen in the yawning of Oblivion players. Blackwood's view differs from the portals. They will function as small dungeons where players will have to defeat a number of enemies from ranks and files all the way to a boss, and instead of closing the gates, jump right in to conquer the Deadlands - a small portion of the forgotten chapter will materialize.

In class, you go into [forgot] little pockets. You go to a couple in the main story, and then you have the Oblivion Gates, which are basically a large public dungeon. With these Oblivion Gates, your adventure will always be different, because there are several starting locations.

So you don't know exactly where to go - so this confuses things and makes them a little bit different. We can't always randomize them so they're always unique, but in the fourth quarter, we're going to spend a lot of time exploring the Deadlands.

It's easy to see that Elder Scrolls provides players with the best environment and language themes, as well as innovative technologies. The Elder Scrolls Online has been around 800 years since the Forgotten Event and the Morrowind Event, and the Back Events took place more than 200 years before Skyrim. The strange thing is that in other game worlds everything that will happen in "Black Wood" has already "happened". “All the stories are told from the perspective of people living all over the world, so you can tell the same story in about four to five different ways, so they're right because these characters in the world have tried. The world has a different experience. "

Everyone's things

It turns out that by adding two-game buddies (non-player characters designed to 'take any role you need'), it means 'my wife and I can be a dungeon of four' - to the improvement of the quality of life at the end of the game at a later date, Blackwood appears as a solo adventurer, new faces, veterans and every player in between. The biggest driving force behind The Elder Scrolls Online is that ESO is a true Elder Scrolls experience.

"This is how you want to play, to discover most of the things you want to discover - it's all about traveling the world. You can play alone or with friends, but it's all up to you. Typical MMO."

"ESO understands that not every player has the same likes and dislikes. Throughout the year, ESO tries to provide services for each individual queue and ensure that individual players, PvP players, or experienced demos are something new for the player." .. we do ... By dividing the player base in this way, we ensure that we seize as many of these opportunities as possible. "But that doesn't mean we won't be fighting the entire game system. Blackwood is launching a feature called" Endeavor, "which provides players with daily and weekly goals that are shared across the account and receive ESO gold coins, experience, and" Endeavor "rewards. that can be used to purchase items from the Crown Box.