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When will NBA 2K22 come out?

When will NBA 2K22 come out? As we approach the end of the NBA season, many players have been thinking, when will NBA 2K22 come out?

NBA 2K21 has been in use for nearly a year and has received mixed reviews. On the one hand, these graphics look great, and some features have been added to the animation, such as dunk, layup, and crossover animation. On the other hand, the fans were disappointed for the inability to shoot, the new light meter, and the same MyCareer mode.

NBA 2K21's score in the media makes it the lowest score since the series. Obviously, this is not the best result for EA Sports, fans are also looking forward to better. Hope that in 2K22, we can go back to the original 2K, which is really interesting.

As of now, the official release date of NBA 2K22 has not yet been determined. However, we do know when we can expect it. In the past, we started receiving game trailers in June.

In addition, EA Sports also has a mode to release the game in early September. Both 2K19 and 20 were released in September. NBA 2K22 may continue this model.

Hope we will start providing updates for the upcoming 2K soon and hope it is better than the current 2K.

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