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What to expect from Madden NFL 22

Although Madden NFL 22 has not been officially confirmed, there are already rumors about who is on the cover. No, rumors that Derek Henry is the deck sport don’t mean Madden NFL 22 is coming. However, Electronic Arts have not announced that the long-running Madden series will take a one-year break. At this point in the development cycle, it certainly seems that if the company had taken this unprecedented step, it would have already done so. This privilege introduces the definition of an annual publication. So by accepting that there will be another segment, it’s also not hard to have some expectations about what’s packed into it.

The first thing to keep in mind when discussing Madden NFL 22 predictions is that the annual game may change sentence changes from time to time. This does not mean that there is no time to add a new situation or make significant quality jumps from year to year. The series has added two new game modes in recent years. It is possible to renew and download from year to year. Not always likely.

Franchising faces need help

Speaking of the new facilities recently added to the series, Face of the Franchise has arrived with Madden NFL 20. There’s no reason to believe it won’t return to the third installment, except that its popularity in Madden has dropped massively in NFL 21. When space first arrived, it was equally of interest to players who may not be interested in other modes.

A franchise face is a story-based space that provides a component of a traditional conversational tree. Yes, users can also play some of the game’s events, but that’s certainly not the focus. The goal of this space is to give people the opportunity to live the life of a superstar athlete as they move from high school to college for professionals.

One thing players can expect is more immersion in college life this year. Electronic Arts recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with the largest college sports licensing organization. Until the arrival of EA Sports College Football, EA may begin to test the space further in front of the franchise. Last year, users had the opportunity to enroll in some university teams. It will be interesting to see how it is expanded.

Nonetheless, the franchise has taken a step back in 2020. If EA is to make this mode part of a series of far-reaching aspects, it will require a lot of improvement in Madden NFL 22 in both single-player mode writing and mechanics.

The Madden Ultimate Team mostly stays the same

There was a time when the Madden franchise setting was the focus of the series. In fact, there was a time when it was "Play Now" and the franchise mode was all this game had. Then, in 2010, Madden Ultimate Team arrived on the scene and EA’s focus seemed to be officially divided. The ability to equip a team with many different players, as long as the player holds a “card” for the first time in their digital group, has made this mode very popular. It also made the situation very profitable for Electronic Arts, as it is able to sell card packs for in-game currency(MUT 22 Coins), which in turn are bought for real money.

Those looking for big changes to the Madden Ultimate Team are unlikely to find what they’re looking for. Those who play it the most call this mod MUT and the mode is implemented close to any special mode in the Madden series these days. Over the past year, players were able to change their teams ’suits a little more, but there weren’t many other big additions or adaptations. There’s no reason to expect a massive overhaul or a change in Madden NFL 22 mode.

Franchising is a big issue

The Madden NFL series has been the state that gets the most negative comments, especially in recent years. The allegations ranged from mechanical fraud to the feeling that players who don’t take advantage of other facilities will pay $ 60 to update the list. It’s also the fact that EA has already removed some features that were in franchise mode. The version released in the latest batches has been significantly reduced from the climax of the series.

Thanks to EA, the development team acknowledged the complaints early. The development team has also promised that there will be room for improvements ahead in Madden NFL 22. However, the company did not specify what these improvements would make. Over the years, players have reported that mechanisms of action, such as contract negotiations or Player Stats, seemed to be stuck. So is EA planning a big reboot into franchise mode? Or small adjustments here and there?

It depends on how seriously the company is provoking Madden’s high-profile players when they leave the game. The franchise’s annual release schedule seems to limit the major changes that can be made to the situation, and most importantly. Series items are usually released in August. This means that the game is only about five months old. This does not mean that these changes have not been worked on for a year or more, but it seems that a complete overhaul of the situation is happening with enough excitement that the company may want to announce it sooner rather than later. For the time being, other than waiting for small adjustments - which are still absolutely needed - may be unrealistic. Madden NFL 22 is under development for unspecified platforms.