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How to change region in PokeMMO

We explain how to change regions in PokeMMO and move through the different Pokémon areas easily without having to finish the league and without losing your progress or making yourself a new character.

If you are a veteran Pokémon master and you are enjoying PokeMMO and its arrival on mobile phones and tablets, we will give you a cable on your adventures. Today we tell you how to change regions in PokeMMO easily and access other regions and leagues without having to finish your campaign.

Change region in PokeMMO

If you are playing PokeMMO taking advantage of its arrival on mobiles and tablets or you continue to enjoy its action on PC, today we will tell you how the change of region works in this hilarious 100% fan made hack. The first thing is to get the game and get it.

As we already told you in our guide on How to make your Pokémon follow you in PokeMMO, you will need various ROMs of the game to have all the content in PokeMMO. Once you have them installed in the game, you can activate or deactivate them to access different content and areas. You can also install mods that modify the gaming experience.

How to change region in PokeMMO

If you are used to playing these classics on Nintendo machines, the normal thing is that you think that to change region before you will need to complete each league. It is the most recommended, but in PokeMMO it is not necessary, you can travel freely between one region and another as long as you have the necessary medals.

If you want to change regions in PokeMMO without losing your advances and your Pokémon - that is, without creating a new character - you will have to take advantage of the ferries. It is not possible to go through the routes, although some players say that they have managed to change regions by going through routes like 22. The best thing is to visit the port of Vermillion and take the ferry to the region you want once you have achieved at least 4 medals.

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