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How To Get More Training Points In Madden 21

If the ultimate team is where you spend most of your "crazy" time, you should reserve training points. Using Training Points, you can upgrade players you already own without ever having to chase the ever-expensive superstars in Madden 21 Auction House. If you want to learn how to get more Training Points in Madden 21, we provide you with a guide here and use three different methods to ensure that training points are not obstructed.

Play Superstar KO

While bonus types seem very limited, the "Madden 21" release week shows that the KO superstar remains a reliable source of training points throughout the season. This is because at the time this guide was released, the bonus for winning five Superstar KO games was Ultimate Team's Lamar Jackson NAT 85 card. While this card is a great start for QB's endurance team, if you already have field skills, it can earn you a whopping 450 training points. I hope future shows in "Superstar KO" will be equally beneficial to MUT players.

Flip Cards Like Houses

Another way to get training points in Madden 21 is to convert your Madden 21 Coins into cards and cards into training points. The price of coins is much faster than the training point. So even if you like the ready-made list, you don't have to go to the auction house to hunt for new cards. Finding cheap, low-quality cards can also make you rich with a point of return.

While the cheap cards aren't going to provide you with many benefits at all, what really matters is that you are buying in bulk at the right price. Try to get a few cards with a discount good practice value, then stock them (item link), then choose to sell quickly. You can also check in advance how many training points the card will give you so you don't have to worry about selling the card and regret it.

Complete the MUT Challenge

Of all the modes, the simplest way (that is, the way MUT tries to allocate training points first) is the endless challenges of the game. Go to MUT and browse the various related missions and challenges. There you can see what rewards each challenge will bring you upon completion.

The advantage of this method is that it is almost endless - just like the cultivation training points. The flop will have some luck at the auction house, Superstar KO will spend a few valuable rewards every time and the challenge remains a permanent and reliable way to maximize training points.

That's all you need to know to get more Madden 21 Training Points. Follow our website for more tips and strategies on the latest Madden NFL.