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Neverwinter: Sharandar’s expansion is an explosion of the past

Neverwinter’s developers, Cryptic Studios, recently announced that the next expansion of the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG game will take players back to the familiar, ancient Feywild area known as Sharandar. The extension, originally announced in January, was released for PC players on February 16, 2021, and the release of the console is scheduled to follow on March 16.

Sharandar’s Fury of the Feywild was the Neverwinter players ’first console show in 2013 and included a story featuring King Malabog of Formoria and Valindra Shadowmantle’s signature machine, Dwarf. The Eliyanbruen elves appealed to players who had come to Sharandar for years to help them in the battle against Malabog, and the three gates of the Moon gave them access to various areas in need of search and conquest to expel the Malabog forces.

In the minds of many players, the question is, what does rejuvenating Sharander mean? Will Malabog be back or do the developers have something else in stock? Neverwinter chief designer Randy Musyonds said in a recent interview that while many landscapes retain what players know and love about the mysterious and magical Feywild, the developers wanted the Malabog story to remain the same.

When Malabug is defeated and Valendra is back at the raw material level, Sharander is freed from his tyranny. Eliminating the hard work that players are doing to achieve this would have damaged the time and effort they originally put into the gaming industry. Defeating Malabug remains important and may play a role in the new story in some respects. For example, players find their castle in ruins, but still, encounter the remnants of his troops that have spread across the country as they search for new adventures in Feywild.

The expansion will add a new social center for Charandar, an adventure area in the ruins of Malabuji, and a new prison in the Vault of the Stars. Players will also be interested in a three-part adventure featuring a mysterious plague of awakening nightmares haunting Iliyanbruen elves and connecting with familiar forces such as Merissara Winterwhite, who asks them to help stop the three powerful witches who have taken over Sharandar’s territories.

After players have been through Neverwinter for more than eight years, numerous expansions have brought them to new territories and countries known to D&D fans for their darkness and evil. Over the years, the expansions have drawn players into old, familiar stories featuring famous allies and enemies such as Drizzt Do’urden and Strahd Von Zarovich.

The world is constantly changing with these stories, and while it may seem strange to return to Sharandar, developing the story with new missions and adventures further develops the game. MMORPGs like Neverwinter require endless cultivation and unnecessary returns in old adventure areas to meet the requirements of weekly missions. Giving a facelift to old areas like Sharandar along with exciting new adventures is definitely one way to keep Neverwinter’s current fans interesting and even attract new players. You can purchase the Neverwinter PS4/Xbox/PC Astral Diamonds and Silver and Items from MMOtank!