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High-Level Franchise Commitments In Madden NFL 21 And Madden NFL 22

In order to better communicate community feedback, EA is reshaping the franchise team to focus more on the aforementioned directions. EA is making changes, including allocating a higher percentage of team bandwidth to support after the release of Madden NFL 21, and greater investment in core franchise functions after the release of Madden NFL 22. In Madden NFL 21, EA will expand its dedicated field service team to provide franchise improvements more focused on your feedback, while continuing to develop a wider range of games for a wide range of Madden fans.

Premium franchise promises in Madden NFL 22

Therefore, for this purpose, EA wants to share with you some areas of the franchise, which will be positioned in the live broadcast service of Madden NFL 21 and next year in the live broadcast service of Madden NFL 22. It must first be recognized that this work requires a lot of work planning. Therefore, although the exact timetable cannot be determined for the time being, it is possible to share areas of meaningful changes for Madden 21 and later. These goals will be determined based on social channels, game changer programs, and feedback from the game.

As EA pays more attention to M21 and M22 plans, the following list may change.

    ●Adjustments-improved player progress and regression. Improve the future development of core players, so that X-factor and other functions for older players can be well adapted to the novice course.

    ●Commissioner Tools.

    ●Artificial intelligence personnel management-artificial intelligence will make better team management decisions in drafts, free agency and transactions.

    ●Playoffs and Super Bowl performance-improvement and refresh.

    ●X Factor/Superstar Ability Customization-Introduces the ability to customize X Factor and abilities on all players, allowing you to customize the roster according to your own wishes.

    ●CAREERS STATS UI-Improved UI that can display the historical performance of players. Get a more immersive and in-depth understanding of the development of players in your franchise.

    ●Trade logic-higher fidelity, depth and authenticity.

    ●Retirement user interface-better insight into the retirement of each season to enable players to react/manage.

    ●Playoff update-Added a real playoff bracket screen to see who participated in the game, who won the game, and who is next.

Commissioner Tools are a lot of things, with many opportunities and a lot of work. In order to better control their franchise rights. For Madden NFL 21 and 22, EA is working on the following tools:

Commissioner Tools priority

    ●The ability to cancel transactions, reduce friction and control players to move contracts and transactions.

    ●The ability to approve transactions.

    ●Ability to reset the game when disconnected.

Madden American Football 22

It's too early for Madden NFL 22. It is now in the beginning stage of product planning and trial production next year. In other words, actively discuss some areas that we need to focus on based on player feedback and player participation. The following are some areas, although not fully invested, but EA is creatively exploring:

    ●Coaching and staff management

    ●Reconnaissance improvements

    ●New scene engine enhancements

    ●New team chemistry system

    ●Improvements to Commissioner Tools

    ●(More content-such as: franchise relocation/brand equity-you can choose new uniforms, names and logos for relocation, so as to have more variety and depth in deeper occupations.)

With our in-depth understanding of the Madden NFL 22 development season, other important content will be revealed. Looking forward to the arrival of Madden NFL 22!