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How to Take a blue mage to the Next Level in Final Fantasy XIV

Blue mage is on its own as a limited functionality in Final Fantasy XIV. It doesn't work according to the same set of rules, it has its own rules, freedoms and limitations. Once you unlock the blue mage leveling is nothing like normal jobs. Regular features let you jump into Duty Finder to level dungeons and roulette. Blue Mages must hold on to open world monsters and learn spells for their experience points. If you're up for an adventure, the blue mage might be your stop.

Kill open world enemies within your level range

Starting at level 1 in a normal class, always go to the starting area and kill low-level monsters. It's the same with the blue mage, except you stay out in the open world and advance to higher levels as you progress. Blue Mages gain more experience points from open world enemies than normal jobs. Overall, killing enemies a few levels above yours is the fastest option and a great way to learn blue mage spells. Deal damage with the initial "Water Cannon" talisman to start with and progress higher as you learn stronger skills.

Learn "1000 needles" around level 25

In South Thanalan you'll find Little Ala Mhigo Campground. Go outside the south exit. You will see many prickly pear enemies wandering around. Larger aloe vera plants contain the "1000 Needles" spell for you to learn. Keep killing these enemies until you learn the spell. Set the spell with your Blue Mage spellbook and drop it on the Quick Launch. You can then use 1000 needles to deal 1000 damage in a single attack against a single enemy. This damage is divided by the number of enemies around you because it is an AoE attack. But this spell allows you to shoot individual enemies at different levels, which greatly improves the experience points per hour.

Unfortunately, this spell is starting to take hold at higher levels. But once you reach level 50, you have more options to learn stronger spells. Keep learning new blue mage spells and look for the strongest ones available. As the level cap gradually increases, developers will continue to add more powerful spells for blue mages to learn. Keep track of the best and keep them in your arsenal as you hit the latest limit. More game ways and tips are in MMOtank news!