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New Madden 21 Zero Chill content drops

With so many people on vacation, EA’s Madden 21 Ultimate Team has got a wealth of new content. Since Christmas and the weekend, new products have been Legends, Out of Position and Ghosts. On Monday, December 28, more Madden 21 Zero Chill content arrived by combining Ghost Pack Masters and OOP cards.

Last night, we teased what was coming today when the Madden 21 Zero Chill campaign unveiled the Madden Tre’Davious White card. Monday brought in other players in addition to Bels ’defensive star.

One of them is Ghosts of Madden Past Junior Seau with a new 96 card. Features of this feature include 96 handling, 96 transmissions, 96 detachments, 94 game detection, and 90 speeds. This card clearly wins the previous Legends 91.

Another new card is Ghosts of Madden Future, written by New York Giants midfielder Daniel Jones. It has a total of 94 products for Jones, including 94 throwing power, 93 throwing runs, 92 game functions, 92 throwing accuracy and 89 speeds. The Ghost Pack Masters companies above are available in stores, or can be auctioned or purchased from Madden Auction House with MUT 21 Coins.

On Sunday, we showed Out of Position champion Jamal Adams’s Seahawks safety in the right back seat. In addition to his new OVR OOP 95 card, many other players arrived on Monday. Among them, Quinton Nelson, among others, goes into the middle with a perfect back and Eagles QB Jalen Hurts into the middle sled.

Patrick Rijkaard gets new defense with a total score of 90, while Alejandro Villanueva can now play tight. There are a total of 87 Villanueva cards in the Ultimate team. Players can collect a deck of cards to receive a Master Jamal Adams product. The exchange package includes Nelson Card, 2 Ricards, Four Villanueva and Six Hurts.

These new OOP player products combine with previously released star stars such as Tomlinson, Deion Sanders and Calvin Johnson of Ladan. The ninth series in the How The Grouch Won MUTmas series also arrived on Monday, December 28th. And Mr. Grouch calls it Comin 'To Town. The value of this new series is a total of 3,500 Madden 21 Coins and another 35 stars per Zero Chill’s various attractions.

These series featured primarily Zero Chill Awards, including Chill Factor upgrades, Snow Coins, and Beast Food, among other promotional items. This will end on January 4th, so be sure to complete as much as you can before this date arrives if you want to take advantage of Madden 21 Zero Chill Mill.