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Star Trek Online Winter Event: Q's Winter Wonderland

Favorite season of recent years is again in Star Trek Online! Q proudly invites people of all types, loyal, representing genres, cosmic differences and molecular variations (or lack thereof) to play at the festive season and visit Winter Wonderland for fun, doodling and rewards!

Take part in your selection of Winter Wonderland activities to get into the incredible new Fek'Ihri Gok'tad Carrier [T6]! This year’s celebrations, like last year, will be integrated into the front of recently published events as part of the Mission Journal. This means that, just like last year: Daily progress towards winning a new spacecraft can be achieved by participating in any of the following activities:

    ● Fastest Game on Ice

    ● Klingon Ice Fishing

    ● Tides of Ice

    ● The Fast and the Flurrious

    ● Cones of Conduct

    ● The Kramp’Ihri

Performing any of the above functions will fully meet your daily account requirements, allowing you to choose how you earn your way to the new spacecraft. Play any activity you like the most, or change it every day for more variation!

The event system also provides instant access to Winter Wonderland on most non-battle maps in the game by simply pressing the "Transwarp" button on the event interface. You don’t even have to talk to Q to get there - he has let us bring Wonderland to you.

Each of the activities listed above, as well as other activities you can participate in during the winter event, will still be rewarded with different holiday decorations that can be used in different categories to buy yourself different rewards in recent years, the number of new events arriving when the event restarts. This year!

Finding Purple NanPulses - The Age of Battlith

Light up your holiday night with a beautiful view - oh my God, I’m talking about the rhyme era Purple Nano Discovery battlefield. This exciting weapon combines Bat’leth Discovery’s unique aesthetics with the energy of glowing purple nanopulses, and this exciting weapon will be available from this year’s winter event.

Rainbow jackets

Continuing the Risa theme this year, be proud and Decorate yourself with warm and mysterious rainbow gear!

Grether Bridge Administrator Training Instructions and Tool Units

The magic of Fakihr, which Karmbhairi brings to Winter Wonderland every year, is harnessed into new collections and guides for you and the bridge officers! There is one for each career path:

    ● Design - Grether's anchor

        ● The Grethor anchor pulls up to five enemies into a given area, causing damage over time and making them more prone to fire damage.

    ● Tactical - Greator chains

        ● A mysterious series about the underworld of Klingon that pulls two enemies together as you damage them.

    ● Science - thermal cooling protection

        ● Wrap your allies in the spectrum ice, giving them temporary hits and healing over time.

Consumables for Q chair

Even in the world he created, Q can sometimes be careless. In this case, the elves Kramp'Ihri stole and copied the Q-chair, and they will now sell it to you. Activate this element to sit in front of humanity or any of your other judgments. The chair has five charges for each item.

Cool and helpful, Saint Bernard has come to Winter Wonderland in Q to keep you out of trouble. You can find it with the Federation or Klingon Empire logo on their small barrel.

Q’s Winter Wonderland will be available from December 8, 2020 to January 7, 2021. This event will be held simultaneously on all platforms (PC and console), MMOtank provides you with the products needed for Star Trek Online. Join us to celebrate this holiday season and welcome the new year!