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FIFA 21 Double Entitlement Guide: Switch to PS5 or Xbox Series X for Free

FIFA 21 Dual Right means that when planning a next generation match, no two copies of the same football match can be entered. Do you already have FIFA 21 on PS4 or Xbox One? Then you will also be evaluated for PS5 or Xbox Series X. How does it all work and what data do you transfer when switching devices? All of this is explained in the GR Double Merit Guide to FIFA 21.

How does the double merit feature work in FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 Double Merit is a new introduction to the series this year regarding the conversion from Gen-4 to Gen-5. Basically, this means that by buying a game for the PS4 or Xbox One, you're also buying it for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Starting Friday, December 4, the PS4 FIFA 21 disc in PS5 will allow you to download the next generation digital edition for free. When you put the Xbox One version of FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X, the next generation version will also be unlocked as a digital download.

What if the next generation console didn't have an engine?

PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S owners may still need a free upgrade, but it does require a bit more groundwork. In particular, you should contact EA.

"You must contact EA Support at help ea to confirm your purchase with your EA account information for a free update," said the game publisher.

What is FIFA 21 Double Merit?

Double right to FIFA 21 is completely free, as long as you have already purchased the game on PS4 or Xbox One, or purchased at any time between the release of FIFA 22.

What information is conveyed with FIFA 21 Double Merit?

All Ultimate Team and Volta data ports will automatically revert to the most recent format. But what's controversial is that functional save operations are excluded for any specific console generation.

“In fact [taking into account] the cost in terms of time it would take to move the workspace to 5G ... we had to decide how to invest that time in the annual cycle, and we felt it was the best use said producer Aaron McCardy. "Career mode features for both. The Two Generations." "We invested a lot in career mode this year. Ultimate Team and Volta are two server-based spaces that keep us in control so that these spaces continue every generation. We had to make the tough decision. about what to trade over time. "

Likewise, internet periods and cooperatives cannot be exchanged between consoles.

Am I losing my knowledge of the old form?

No, you can even switch from PS5 to PS4 or Xbox Series X to Xbox One and back as often as you like. However, you cannot switch between PlayStation and Microsoft consoles. There is no double benefit for the Nintendo Switch and PC versions of FIFA 21.

How long is FIFA 21 Double Entitlement?

FIFA 21 will continue until the release date of FIFA 22, likely in late September 2021. A lot of fut 21 coins are in stock at mmotank, welcome to buy.