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Things You Need To Know About FIFA 21 On The Next-Gen

The FIFA series has been ridiculed recently due to unrealistic repetitive game mechanics that adapt to previous entries. While the trailers reveal some changes in the overall approach to the game of football, some have argued that none of the changes can mask the lack of creativity and innovation offered by recent labels.

This was evident from FIFA 21 as the only new features were defense mechanisms, list updates and the arrival of Manchester United’s charismatic legend Eric Cantona. The game still feels like an unrealistic football simulation not only in terms of ball progression and player movement, but also in terms of performance, as some players never looked like their real counterparts. The only saving grace can be found in the game’s licenses, as FIFA has been blessed with two of football’s biggest governing bodies - FIFA (apparently) and UEFA.

No improvements have been made to EA’s flagship football game, so they have the opportunity to address some issues with next-generation consoles. Fans of the series must look forward to the release of the PlayStation 5 worldwide and Xbox series on December 4, 2020.

Here are the things you need to know about passing the game on to the next generation. EA proudly announced that passing the game to the next generation will provide faster download times, but the most significant increase is due to their decision to make the game more realistic in terms of player movement, stadium experiences and player details, as their Twitter posts show. Below are the faces of Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool’s right back and Joao Felix, the rising star of Atletico Madrid.

Good news for PlayStation 4 users, as FIFA’s Dual Merit feature allows the player to spend a penny as they move on to the next generation. This means the PlayStation 4 can be upgraded immediately to the next generation for free. Just make sure you buy the console from the same brand as the feature does not support PlayStation transfers to Xbox and vice versa.

Player progression is also included, but there are limitations. Only the Ultimate Team(FUT 21 Coins) and Volta features will be rolled over to the next generation, while other game modes such as Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Online Seasons and Co-op Seasons will be excluded.

EA Games said there were trade-offs where they had to either choose to allow the transfer of excluded game modes or create new features and improve the game. They also noted that the Volta and FUT progression is better suited for the next generation because these game modes are server-based.