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Neverwinter is now available from the Epic Games Store

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announce that Neverwinter - a free MMORPG action game set in the Forgotten Lands universe - is now available on the Epic Games Store platform.

From now on, millions of players from Epic Games can explore the vast world of Neverwinter, where they will embark on the greatest adventure of their lives(MMOtank provides cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and Items product services). This is the perfect time to join the Neverwinter journey as the fourth and final content update for The Redeemed Citadel has just hit the game. The new episodic content from the expansion is now available on Arc, Steam and the Epic Games Store - and will soon be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, where console players can now enjoy the previous, third pack of new content.

About the fourth episode

By unlocking the latest content update for The Redeemed Citadel, players can now experience all the epic possibilities the citadel offers. The new content pack summarizes the efforts of Neverwinter players who have supported Archdiablica Zariel in her newly chosen path in the fight against demons and devils caught in the Thronebreaker. After joining forces and jointly rebuilding all rooms of the Bleeding Citadel, the flames in the castle forge could burn once again, igniting faith in the hearts of Zariel's allies and allowing their armor to be strengthened. Now, this citadel in Avernus - the first tier of the Nine Hells - serves as a safe haven for all Aasimar avengers.

The fourth episode adds a new character race - the Aasimar - as well as a new room where it is possible to upgrade and create unique armor.

About the extension "The Redeemed Citadel"

To access The Redeemed Citadel content, a level 80 character must complete the Avernus campaign and the Mote of Virtue storyline. Players make progress in the Redeemed Citadel campaign by cooperating in the fight to unlock the four major milestones and completely restore the citadel. Adventurers who want to recreate this stronghold of angelic forces must join the battle with the devils alongside Zariel and complete heroic skirmishes and weekly challenges in Avernus - where they will fight demons, search for treasures and travel to dungeons from the past to earn Zariel's Favor, a currency that can then be exchanged for many goods.

After completing each of the objectives in The Redeemed Citadel campaign, another pack of content did not enter the game until some time had passed. During this period, players were able to continue earning and spending Zariel's Favor, as well as working on their personal achievements. Once the next stage in this series had begun, unlocking content from the previous ones would no longer be possible - except where the player had acquired a "Reforger's Blessing" for previous milestones.