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Star Trek Online "Best Served Cold" opens November 12

Best Served Cold is a process to prevent Aakar from activating Rura Penthe's Jailbreak with the help of an insidious computer virus. It contributes to a long series of sins and builds Klingon to get revenge on him, provided we prevent him from achieving the glory of victory. We have to act quickly to prevent it from happening. If he retains power, the future of the Klingon Empire will fall into disgrace and chaos.

Best Cool Service is Operation Featured Task Force on Star Trek Online. Five alliance captains would work together to achieve the combat objectives and ultimately force Akkar out of the area. You have to be quick, be on time to stop it. You have to be strong to beat him in open battle. You have to be cunning to avoid falling into the trap of his computer virus making its way through the system's defenses. Above all, you must fight with honor, and you deserve your victory.

This event will run for 3 weeks and will begin on November 12th for all players and all players of level 10 and above. Complete TFO on 14 separate days to win the event jackpot while earning tokens and lithium. For PC players, the biggest prize is Nanopulse Targ Combat Pet; For Xbox One and Playstation 4 players, the top prize is Molors Flaming Sword. The Weekly Premium Ring Reward Square will be awarded on the first completion of this search on each week's account. This box gives you a choice of Enhanced Global Tech Upgrade or the Captain's Specialty Point Square, which awards the character you unlock with a Specialty Point.

Nanopulse Targ and the Targ of Gre'thor

Nanopulse Targ Combat Pet is an item released on a devastating Nanopulse Targ to aid you in ground battles and attack enemies with its physical strength and energy blade.

Tame Klingon's afterlife by getting your hands on a Targ or Gre'thor Combat Cap! However, this reward for the event does not stand alone. It has a cousin that will be available in the Zen store. Starting November 12, 2020, PC captains will be able to purchase this new * hot * new Combat Pet from the Zen Store for a price of 800 Zen.

Targ Wizard Reward

The Targ of Gre'thor is designed to be compatible with the recently introduced Nanopulse War Targ for combat dogs, available as an event prize from the TFO event “Best Cold Service”. If you have equipped both Combat Pet and activate them, you will immediately receive a momentary copy of the other pet! This bonus works both ways as long as both devices are equipped.

Saif Mulor flaming

Mulor's flaming sword is Mulor's defining weapon, as it chops and burns enemies, as well as allowing the player to use the chain attack and pull enemies into battle. MMOtank is your most reliable Star Trek Online product provider, whether it is PC, XBOX or PS platform!