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Neverwinter announces its October event, Harvest of Nightmares

MMO games are always adding new events, dungeons and mechanics to keep the player base entertained and come back for more. Neverwinter is certainly no exception to this concept, with the development team announcing the October event, Harvester of Nightmares. During the event, adventurers will chase the harvester by introducing a new dimension known as the Kingdom of Nightmare. It's a jeep bleeding to Barovia and Shadowfell, so it's full of terrifying monsters and creatures. Players will work with Vistani to track down the harvester before it feeds the sleeping individuals nightmares.

A post at the Neverwinter event said the following: Harvester, a creature of good origin, inhabits the Nightmare Realm, but attacks only when provoked. To take down the beast, adventurers must enter his world to purify the nightmares that once plagued sleeping dreams. Doing so will starve the Harvester, leaving him with no choice but to attack the pushy adventurers. "

Players must be level 80 and item level 18000 to start the action(MMOtank provides you with quality neverwinter service). One of the coolest features of Harvester of Nightmares is that it will change the Protector's Enclave, Neverwinter's main launch area. Familiar places will be shifted to the shadows, while searches for victims and areas once considered safe will also be changed.

The Neverwinter event features ring-style showdowns as players compete against a terrifying version of an existing world leader. It also includes its own currency and rewards that can be used to purchase upgrades such as a golden war horse and more useful items.

Harvester of Nightmare kicks off Thursday, Oct. 1 at 10 a.m. PDT on PC. However, it will be available for consoles at a later date. It will run until October 22. Also check out Neverwinter's latest update sending players to Avernus to confront Zariel and her demon army.