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Pre-play the new MMORPG "V4"

A vast field spread over two worlds

We are pleased to present a preliminary review of the MMORPG "V4" for PC / iOS / Android scheduled to be released on September 24th from Nexon and NAT Games. The stage of the adventure is the two worlds of "Silnas" and "Lunatra" where nature spreads. As the captain of the pact, the hero sets out on an adventure with his friends. In the field you visit during your adventure, you can enjoy various scenery depending on the location. Each field has its own characteristics such as forests, wheat fields, and volcanoes, and everywhere is a beautiful spot with a magnificent view.

The impression you can experience when you visit each place for the first time is one of the real thrills of this work. It is a beautiful design that you can feel the attention to detail not only in the scenery but also in the characters. In conversation scenes, the camera has a dedicated angle and dynamically projects the characters, so you can enjoy the graphics of each character in every corner even during the adventure.

Easy quest progress with full auto function

The way the game progresses is the standard in online RPGs where you level up as you progress through the quests. In addition to the main quest "Agreement Journey", there are "Request Bulletin Boards" that handle people's requests and quests for each area where a certain number of monsters are defeated for each map. If you want to move quickly, use a "vehicle". There are many types of vehicles, each of which has a combat aid as well as movement.

The auto function that is indispensable for MMORPG is enriched, and it is also possible to turn on / off the items to be automatically operated as you like. At the time of automatic operation, parts that might require manual operation, such as receiving clear rewards and talking with NPCs, proceeded without problems. It is possible to proceed with the game with almost no touch, so playing the game in parallel with other work may be an ant as one of the play styles of this work.

Auto-combat gives priority to the target monster, and there were scenes where it backfired and extra movement increased. It is a convenient auto function, but if you want to proceed with maximum efficiency, aim for efficient hunting while changing the settings of "automatic battle return distance" and "attack range" from the setting screen! The attack target can also be set by "tapping the target".

Pact friends help even in solo play

Even during solo play, in the main quest, friends of the pact will accompany you and fight together. The number of friends will gradually increase as you progress through the quest. In addition to the main quest, there is a "friend system", and if you dispatch the acquired friends to collect or subdue the area, they will acquire items over time.

6 selectable classes

Character data can be created up to 4 characters in the initial state. You can use up to 6 characters in one account by using the slot opening item. There are 6 types of classes to choose from: magician, warlord, braider, knight, gunslinger, and axler. Gender is decided for each class. At first, you can create 4 character data, so it's a good idea to try multiple classes first to find the one that suits you. However, in order to delete a character, the character must be level 50 or higher. If you don't plan to open slots, decide which class you will use in the main by the 4th.

Don't worry about items with a large amount of rewards

What surprised me as I proceeded with the game was the variety of rewards I could receive. In addition to rewards for completing quests, you can receive reward items and V4 Red Gems everywhere, such as the number of monsters defeated and achievements. The amount is so much that the menu is filled with notification marks even if you play normally. I used to receive and organize reward items while doing auto quests, but in the meantime I may be able to receive new rewards. It's a game that behaves like a big game.

Thanks to that, the training system "Magic Stone Engraving", which will be used a lot in the game, can be upgraded at a considerable speed. You will have less financial difficulty in the early stages. The rewards you receive will visibly increase your strength, so you will naturally be more motivated to proceed with the quest. In addition, you can strengthen your combat power in various ways such as "equipment workshop" and "potential release". For the time being, there is no problem in strengthening all the parts that can be strengthened at the beginning.

Continuous attack utilizing cooperation skills (for magicians)

The "magician" skills that I played include "cooperation skills" that are strengthened by using the same skills in succession. This is an enhanced skill that is activated by consuming the gauge that can be accumulated by hitting a normal attack. A cool time will occur after using the skill, but the linked skills used after that can be activated in quick succession as separate treatment. Depending on the combination of cooperation skills, it is very refreshing to be able to attack without a gap. Of course, the efficiency of battle will also improve, so let's actively utilize it.

If you use the cooperation skill, you can concentrate on the gauge at the bottom of the skill circle. When this gauge is full, you can also use powerful “unique skills”. There are many types of skills, and the conditions for activating the cooperation skills are different (= you can shoot the cooperation skills one after another), so it is unlikely that you will be in a poor state during battle. In quests and hunting, you can continue to fight comfortably.

"Devil Chaser" state that overruns the enemy

When the icon to the left of the health gauge (red gauge at the bottom of the screen) blinks, you can activate the "Devil Chaser". During "Devil Chaser", the skill of the character will be changed to a special one, and it will be in a powerful state like a demon. Although it is a powerful transformation ability, the interval until reuse is quite long. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the usage, such as matching the timing of boss battles and the appearance of a large number of enemies, and preserving it for PvP. There are special skills in "Devil Chaser" that can only be used by players who have achieved difficult conditions, such as "Achieve 1st place in the level ranking" as an acquisition condition. If you get it, you can be proud of it to the players around you.

"Lunatra" that can jump out of the server

If you advance the story to Act 4, Chapter 2, you will be able to go to the "boundary of dimensions". The world "Lunatra" that you can enter from here is a multiplayer area where you can enjoy playing beyond the boundaries of the server. "Lunatra" enables multiplayer beyond the framework of the server by the interserver system. You can experience something that overturns the common sense of MMO, such as visiting another server by yourself or a player visiting from another server. Not only that, "Lunatra" has more experience points and rewards than normal areas, so it is also recommended as a hunting ground.

Not only for multiplayer purposes, you will come to it frequently to advance the game. If you cooperate with your friends to defeat the field bosses that appear in "Lunatra", the defeated guild can conquer the area. Speaking of field bosses, it is one of the real thrills of MMO, but with the addition of the goal of controlling the area in this work, you will be able to enjoy more fierce competition by competing with other guilds. It is also possible to invade other servers and hostile. You can also interact with the players who visit your server. At "Lunatra", you can enjoy interacting with other players in various ways.

The endless loop of achievement and training is a desperate fun

Because the preceding play this time was a closed environment for the media, it is a regret that I could not report the situation that one of the features of this work is "a large number of people gather in the same area". However, even without it, the completeness of the MMORPG such as system and graphics is terrifying quality, and once I started playing, I was able to forget the time and immerse myself in it. The fun of receiving rewards for quests and achievements and increasing the fighting power is unique to MMORPGs who enjoy training. This work incorporates a mechanism to fully enjoy its charm.

The more you play, the more rewards you get, and you want to reflect that in the form of training and play more. It's an infinite loop of fun, and I think this is the form of MMORPG that many people are looking for. I enjoyed it so much in the preceding play, which was mainly solo play, so if the fun of multiplayer is added, I will be excited from now on. Let's all see together what kind of world will spread in "V4" after the release.