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V4 recommends how to keep level 60 in just a few days

Now, another new online game that is very popular from Nexon, which has been released in the Global version, such as Victory For or V4 MMORPG online game Openworld that can play both On the Windows PC and Mobile platform, Cross Play is also supported. Today, Sanook Game will introduce how to collect 60 levels quickly. It only takes a few days. Let's see.

The first thing to introduce new players when entering the V4 game is to recommend to friends. Only the first quest, which is a blue quest Normally, when walking into the city there are boards that can accept green quests. Most of the rewards are HP MP and a little EXP, which is not worth the time. Therefore, please focus on the main quest first. And we will receive the reward CP development throughout the story, chapter 6, ever. It's about level 62-64. The main quests will get a lot of EXP. Level up quickly.

Next is to use the blessing potion that will always be given, so it can be used without having to press and can be pressed for days to come. No need to press often is very important, because most quests are attacking monsters, if using this drug will greatly increase the experience.

Use with pets that have an effect to increase the EXP for the character as well. The pet will have many abilities, some plus 70% EXP, but will have attack power added. Additional health as well Therefore, when choosing a pet, if the character is able to attack, it is advisable to use the most positive EXP, but if you don't hit the monster, try to find a pet that has increased attack power or critical strike.

In which we are able to complete quests quickly, partly from our character power camp In the beginning There will be a giveaway card and good quality equipment, so you may be need buy some V4 Red Gems. Always, therefore, be positive, because the positive hit of the V4 game adds a lot of power, including the use of scriptures to release special abilities. Other than that, put all the stones in every box In which the game now has activities to distribute good stones So put it all out when changing equipment, can be removed Friends Able to kill the monster quickly The quest can be collected quickly.

And another thing that can help increase CP a lot is the function that has the potential to use chains or accessories For using to upgrade in this section Which in the first period will unlock just the green stone first and then Unlock according to our level until reaching the final 60.

And if anyone wants to be serious about this V4 game, I would like to suggest another thing for gamers that can invest is to add a VIP system that will increase buff for 30 days inclue Red Gems and others, and also have many specials for the price of 300. Only money, this one does not get advertising fees, but if we buy this, it helps us to really level up.