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Torchlight 3: How to Play as the Railmaster

Torchlight 3 is the latest game in the colorful and cartoon ARPG series of role-playing games. In this top-down adventure, players explore a world full of enemies and gather useful equipment and skills to keep them alive by Torchlight 3 Gold. It is currently in early access. There are four operable chapters in Torchlight 3: Sharpshooter, Dusk Mage, The Forged and Hammer-wielding-trawing, Railmaster train track mode. Yes, the Railmaster train will follow nearby and knock enemies through the towers.

Release the pain train in Torchlight 3

As expected for a character starting to use a comically heavy hammer, this is a mostly arguing class. Railmaster has two main types of skills, conductor and escalator skills. The conductor's skills enhance the train that the player follows around him and boosts him with various weapons and special effects. Slammer's skills improve melee attacks in Railmaster.

Endurance is the special ability Railmaster uses, which they generate because it damages enemies. When stamina is full, spend it on specific skills to tackle devastating attacks. For example, if you use Blasting Charge, you throw a stick of dynamite at enemies, but use it while the stamina is full, and the character throws three fingers of dynamite. The train decreases stamina. So you can only specialize in Slammer skills without the train following the player. What's nice about that? In addition, the train has an aura that causes the player to cause additional damage while standing next to it.

The train contains three wagons, each with different capacities. Keep in mind that each other is mutually exclusive. The Armor is a great defensive tool, but it's mutually exclusive with the Shotgonne, so keep that in mind when building the character.

Stay on track in Torchlight 3

There are other things to consider when using Railmaster, such as archaeological skills. Spores are made from underdeveloped cores, which sometimes fall off the head. It is important to choose leftovers that will benefit the player more. For example, Railmaster can really burn and shock enemies because of skills like Lantern Flash and Shocking Rounds. It can be helpful to think of remains like Bane, which cause toxin damage and still reliably damage enemies that resist a certain type of damage. After all, diversity is the spice of life, or in this case death.

Torchlight 3 is now accessible early, meaning a lot can and will change. This guide will start new players, but they will have to try what suits them best. If something doesn't fit in the building, the skills can respond by using those points elsewhere. One last tip: check out their animations when you confront bosses or other powerful enemies. If you get a big attack, it's a good idea to stay off the road.