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Maplestory M:"The Purgatory Wizard" debuts

The horn of the Doomsday Rebellion of "Maplestory M" sounds, and the professional "Infernal Wizard", which is the closest to the god of death, debuts. The MMORPG classic "Maplestory M" under Nexon announces the release of the new hero "Infernal Wizard" and the addition of the powerful BOSS "Lutabis "Balance" and "Sagittarius' Pursuit" large-scale archer series character balance adjustment.

The Doomsday Resistance Army is a resistance force in the Edelstein region occupied by the evil organization "Black Wings". The Doomsday Rebels, composed of citizens of Edelstein, are committed to eliminating the forces of evil in order to regain their homeland. In this revision, a new professional "Infernal Wizard" is introduced as the first character of the Doomsday Resistance Army. Its skills can use various auras to help the players according to various conditions, and can suppress a large number of monsters. Fast and pleasant is the main feature of the battle of the "Infernal Wizard". In terms of performance, it is a warrior who can use magic. The most distinctive feature is the super skill BUFF "the mystery of death". Players can reduce the amount of souls collected by Bleach, faster The effect that triggers the death attack.

At the same time, this revision introduces the "Lutabis" dungeon where the powerful BOSS debuts. The first BOSS that will meet the players in "Lutabis" will be spotted. It is a unit that can fight against BOSS with multiple players. Defeating BOSS has the opportunity to increase the maximum damage limit attribute of "Spotted Soul Fragment", and "Lutabis Coin" and "Spotted Fragment" that can purchase various gain items. Of loot rewards.

Next is the revision of the balance adjustment of the large-scale archer series of characters called "shooter's pursuit", including four archers such as "arrow god", "windbreaker", "mark shooter" and "elven ranger" The attack power of the series of characters will increase.

Nexon commemorates the launch of this revised version. From now until June 27, 2020, through training "Infernal Wizard" to Lv.125 level, you can get help characters such as "pet", "weapon", and "ride" Support items for growth. When creating a new character during the event, time-limited event rewards such as "Character Field Expansion Ticket" and "Mysterious Rare Weapon/Armor Grinding Stone" are sent. In addition, the burning 1+2 event, which is popular among players, is launched simultaneously! During the growth of character levels from 3 to 100 levels, one-up and two-up activities are required. Players must grasp the opportunity to quickly develop characters.