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Animal Crossing New Horizon - How to Track Your Fossil Group

One of the strengths of Animal Crossing as a franchise is its ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of players. The game allows those interested in uniting the aesthetics of their island, thirsty money and countless other styles of players to spend endless hours in their favorite missions while continuing to find new activities day in and day out. Among animal crossings: New Horizons' vast array of things to do is fossil collection. While the privileged veterans will have no problem building their fossil group, those new to the game and those who have not only discovered everything their island has to offer will need to know a few things to get started .

Where to find fossils

Every new day, four new fossils will appear somewhere on your island. If you still can't reach the areas through your island's rivers or highlands, you might find fewer than four of them, as they can spawn in those areas too.

Buried fossils can be identified by a distinctive star-shaped shape on Earth that appears to extend partly underground. By using the shovel in the designated spot, fossils from that area are discovered. Although the shape of a starfish indicates any type of buried object, the only elements that indicate this sign are that fossils will naturally appear. To dig another item, you had to bury it there yourself.

Additional fossils can sometimes spawn on mysterious islands, making it possible to find more than four fossils a day if you are willing to flush Nook miles.

Track your fossils

Once in your possession, the fossil is determined by default. Assuming your museum is complete, Blathers can identify all public fossils. If someone has not yet donated it to the museum, they will let you know that the batch contains at least one that was not in the museum collection.

You don't have to donate unique fossils to the museum's collection, but it's the easiest way to keep track of what you collected and what you didn't collect, as Blathers will tell you when to identify new fossils. Entering the basement area of ??the museum, you can view all the collected excavations in their displayed state.

If you want to track your fossils without visiting the museum, just use the Nook Shopping app and view the catalog. Once you've purchased 100 items through the app, they're available on the go, making it the easiest way to track your digs.

The excavations you've already identified and given to Nook's Cranny can be sold anywhere between 1,000 and 6,000 Animal Crossing bells or placed on your island as a decoration. The larger parts of the dinosaurs naturally look incomplete, but each part of the dinosaurs is equipped with a wooden display stand, meaning that an entire dinosaur skeleton in the wild looks like an open-air museum exhibit.