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Things I hope to know before I start Phantasy Star Online 2

I love Phantasy Star Online 2 and I have a blast with the current Xbox Open Beta app, but the strength of its systems, the size of the elements, and the non-linear approach to progress can be confusing for new gamers. While Sega has designed one of the best free games available, the PSO2 is a bit of a brilliant light for tutorials and hand gestures. With this in mind, I wanted to present advice that I hope I can know personally directly from the portal. We hope these suggestions simplify your early game and allow you to enjoy the experience without getting overwhelmed as much as you were on the Newman Ranger in the first 40 levels!

Heavy customer orders from Afin and Cofy

The first and perhaps most important thing to know about PSO2 is that while “customer orders” can often be optional side tasks, some are mandatory for your character’s early progression. During the first 40 levels, certain levels serve as play-related lessons and a way to unlock more activities, tasks, and opportunities. Pay special attention to Afin and Officer Cofy as soon as you step into the Arks Lounge.

Afin is a guide to Phantasy Star Online 2 platform games located on the left side of the Gateway Ship door as you encounter various shipment counters. His client’s early orders will teach you how to set up photon arts and techniques, equip and change different weapons and armor, and bring out the pure glory of PSE bursts among many others.

The Kofi officer is not entirely generous with the number of customer requests, but the requests you receive are the key to progress, getting MAG, reaching subclasses, opening brand new task categories, and taking advantage of more difficult difficulty levels (which of course provides better pollution). ). Covey is in the middle of the search bar on the right side of the lobby area, so look for a blue-and-white "private customer" bubble and jump into his orders as soon as you see him. If you ever get stuck, Officer Kof may have a customer request to handle this.

Collect your address!

Although the goalkeeper was almost at level 22, I finally decided to venture into the corner of this boring, boring match. That’s when I realized I already had crazy dozens of titles mentioned for a wide variety of activities, and soon my stock was full of treats. Pretty much, everything you do on PSO2 deserves these titles for you, and collecting them means a consistent set of valuable rewards, from Photon Spheres to enhanced XP accessories and EX-Cubs. Make this a mandatory stop counter for about every fifth level.

Combine daily and recommended tasks

Daily tasks are not just a way to collect more Meseta and EXP, it’s a basic type to constantly increase the amount of rare items, EXP, and Meseta you can get by doing all sorts of other tasks, so throw them first. Make the first stop in charge of daily orders with us. It has 3 new missions for you every day, and there is a blue "promotion arrow" next to it. This will raise the "Daily Booster" bar (upper left corner) to a maximum of 50%.

Once you’ve collected the dailies, go to the main task metric on the right and address the first “recommended task” that appears (in the “main tasks” category) because they are often related to daily tasks. Two birds, one stone as it were. (And always receive customer orders in the same area you’re looking for!) When talking about assignments, always keep tabs weekly (start, globe icon, arks)! Most of these are a piece of cake ready and can add a ton of mash. Therefore, you should ...

Create three characters now

Phantasy Star Online 2 uses a common inventory system. This means you can send items to both the character storage box and the "default" storage box, which is shared with all your characters. This includes the game's internal currency Meseta. Want to save cash fast? Here's how to do it more efficiently:

As I mentioned earlier, you can make easy money to complete your weekly assignment. When these are functions like "collect x things", you can capture a customer request related to the protagonist, save them (therefore, if you are asked to fix three specific types of fish, you collect nine of them), then send the additions to the default number of My.

Log in with each letter, capture customer orders yourself, complete them and deliver right away. Money in the bank (not to mention easy EXP)! For tasks like "adding a gun or unit," you can buy two cheap guns from the mall and then go straight to the department store, upgrade them with Grinder, and collect a reward. Don't want all PSO2 Meseta? Once again, just upload it to virtual storage and ask your protagonist to retrieve it!

Even if you won’t play these characters regularly, it’s a fantastic way to bulk up the bank account of your main. Bonus tip: Daily Missions are based on the character you’re playing, not your account. This means you can easily load up your alt characters and make some quick cash with your dailies as well, and just send that Meseta over to your main character!

Faster Inventory Management

You’ll be constantly juggling loot and moving weapons, consumables and various materials between your character and your larger storage locations. So it was pure joy to discover that you can hold the Xbox controller’s right trigger down and then D-pad up/down to select multiple items at once. It’s also going to save you a significant amount of time when visiting shops to unload your loot.