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PSO2: how to get and share your unique weapons and memory badge

While playing Phantasy Star Online 2, you may come across different types of unique weapon badges. If you are a new player and unsure what to do with it, don't worry because you are not alone. PSO2 can be overwhelming at first. We will guide you on how to replace these unique weapon badges and try to get more in PSO2.

Unique weapon badges in PSO2

Phantasy Star Online 2 contains many different types of tasks, currency, items, equipment, tasks, etc. It is very difficult for new players to keep track of what they are doing and where they can get it. Unique weapon badges are a type of trading coin that you can get while playing, but are very rare.

You usually get unique weapon badges in PSO2 by participating in seasonal events, which are well seasonal and not always. You can also get them as a reward for passing on tasks, and rarely as a reward and drop.

You will therefore need to use it wisely as it can be replaced with some rare and high-quality equipment.

Where to exchange memory and badges

Unique weapon badges exchange in the shopping area on the second floor. Climb the stairs to the second level and look for a deep red stall. The NPC you want to talk to is Nanon, the provider of exchange and memory badges.

When you talk to her, you can exchange memories and badges with rare items. At the time of writing, we have no recommendation on what to choose as we haven't tried anything of our own, and what isn't desirable will change and change over time, but overall there is something for each category in the shop.

That's all you need to know about the unique weapon badges in PSO2. As we learn more about this system, we will update this post. See the Phantasy Star Online 2 Content Index on MMOtank for more tips, tricks and FAQs about PSO2.