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Some Ways Temtem Is Similar/different To Pokémon

Needless to say, Pokémon is the last word in the RPG game that combines creatures. From the days of Pokémon Red and Blue (and Green), the franchise captures the imagination and gathers a huge fan base. Happy Fan Base isn't afraid to harshly criticize Game Freak for cutting National Pokédex and the like, but the series' popularity shows no signs of diminishing.

Not surprisingly, similar titles have attempted to restore Pokemon's success. A recent example is Temtem Feeling the Internet. Fans will quickly see the similarities between this new title and Pokemon, but there are also very few differences. Let's see!


The General Formula

That's right, friends. We are first dealing with the huge, unambiguous neon elephant in the room: the basic concept of Crema's new MMORPG is very familiar.

In Temtem, the player takes on a new Tamer role, shooting through the Airborne Archipelago Islands to explore and discover the new Temtem. The goal is to create a strong and diversified team, proving that you are the best stamper. Since the game's story is still in action, we don't know the details and plot diagrams, but still: so far even Pokemon.

The Iconic Tall Grass

Although the Pokémon series does not have a patent on long grass. The turf, in a full range of lengths, can be seen in 17,843,211 different video games (no, we didn't actually calculate all of them), and no one in Game Freak wants to deal with all those lawsuits individually.

Grass is a free game for everyone, that's what we see here. However, you have to admit that the design of this particular area also looks familiar. This is the longest herbal tribute to the long Pokemon grass we've seen.

Character Customisation

As with most role-playing games that don't have a specific main character, Temtem lets the player tinker with various elements of his character's appearance. It is not a groundbreaking thing, but there is a wide variety of clothing styles, accessories, facial features, hairstyles and more to choose from.

Meanwhile, Pokemon only recently adopted this mechanically and is still very primitive. For Temtem, there is still a long way to go and there is enough potential to add new cosmetics to the mix.

There’s An Evil Team, Because Of Course There Is

If you have been a Pokemon player for a long time, you fully know how to play the plot and need buy PokeMMO Money. More specifically, with a certain amount of wrinkle, he must always disrupt actions at some stage: the Evil Team guard team.

It can be said that the Pilsuto clan is the Tim Tim missile. This mysterious organization plans to take control of the entire "Eterno" archipelago through a combination of unsafe experiences and brute force. Their ranks include General X, Dr. Hamijo and Lady Lottie, all of whom are arrogant and ruthless as talented Tamers.

Rare or legendary Capturing Woes

We all felt the absolute RNG pain that comes with trying to capture Legendary Pokémon. It is touched by the effect of the case and has a rare HP red pixel, but it will not settle at all in Poké Ball. Then she rushes with Struggle and tries to get into an overcurrent condition like Zenyatta from Overwatch to avoid turning the entire planet into anger.

Fun times are everywhere. Since the rarest Temtem has been discovered, the situation may have been exactly the same (if not worse), thanks to the sustainability engineer. Wild Temtem is more likely to hurt itself than Wild Pokémon, which can be tricky if the system isn't changed.


The Stamina System

In Pokémon, each attack used in combat has a specific PP value (strengths). Stronger moves have less PP and when completely exhausted, Pokemon will not be able to use this particular step until it is restored. If PP is lost through all four moves, Pokemon can only use Struggle.

Temtem takes a completely different approach. Here, Temtem has separate Stamina stats, and each technique you use Stamina draws from a shared pool. Fixes a little over the course of each roll (there is also a Rest command that can be used instead of the attack to restore more), but when Temtem runs out, they get into a stress state causing every attack they use inflicts damage (relative to the power of technology).


As the commotion online has made clear since Temtem first appeared, the game has a very clear mission: to be Pokemon-Eski if possible (to return to the success of the beloved games) while still striving to just enough to distinguish.

With that in mind, let's take a look at another important Pokemon concept: writing. We all know the usual fire, water, grass, rocks, steel, etc., but what does Temtem bring to the table? Well, fire, water and electricity are here, but other types put interesting cycles on the formula. Apart from that, there are also neutral, nature, wind, earth, mental, melee, toxic, digital and Temtem crystal.

Online Play Is More Of A Priority

Now we all know what Nintendo looks like. She is known for two things: huge, smiling faces on clouds, hills and everywhere you can pull her, and being a glamorous dinosaur when it comes to online jobs.

As great defenders of running a local / split screen, this is not surprising, but it does somewhat limit their performance (for example, Nintendo Switch Online is missing more than a few). Fans have been screaming for a full-size MMO Pokemon game for quite some time, but it's still not on the horizon. Temtem can scratch this itch, with an emphasis on playing online and interacting with others.

The Capturing Mechanic

Here's another example that Temtem may look like a Pokemon while trying to turn things in a slightly different direction. It's best to think of the mechanics and concepts behind capturing them as the cross between Pokemon and Digimon.

You may have seen TemCards at work. Instead of Poké Balls, Temtem is stored on these high-tech metal "cards" from where they appear when the battle begins. Interestingly, some Temtem themselves are partially digital (the digital genre, sufficiently cheerful), as it was invented at Nantou Laboratories. This has some interesting indications behind everything Pokemon brought to the table.

Status Conditions

Here's another pain Pokémon veterans will know: condition conditions. Junk Thunder, Happiness Freezes Over by Ice Beam, Scald's Extremely High Burn Rate ... we've all been on the receiving end of this scam, and more. Are you taking the maximum number of sleeping places or not? It all goes back to RNG.

Temtem has its own suitcase system. There are a total of 14 different states that can be linked to Temtem (only two cases can be enabled on Temtem at the same time), including Doom (which works like Perish Song), Trapped (which Temtem can't switch), Burnt (little damage in Any roll, plus a 30% decrease in attack and special attack (neutral) (weaknesses and resistance points are ignored) Interestingly, there are no existing cases, the duration of which is determined based on the movement it caused.