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RuneScape provides an update on the Master Crafting & Ninja Strike

It's spring and it's true that the Ninja team has started the second round of Ninja Blows! Sure, they're sneaky - which is what this month's Master Crafting event is all about, by the way. Let's see.

Master Crafting

Crafting Guild celebrates its recent innovations by welcoming all players of all levels through their two-week doors formulated by Bonanza! Whether you like blowing a little glass or walking around in a vein, there is something that everyone likes.

Oh, and since you're trained by expert craftsmen, you also get great XP support for all guild training activities. While crafting during the event you will receive an XP boost of 10% and while you are training another skill you will receive an XP boost of 5%.

Skill throughout the event, you will receive Master Craft patches. You get 10% more corrections during character training and 5% other corrections when training Smithing, Fletching or Construction. Once you've collected enough, you can hand them over to Master Crafter for rewards, including some useful tools, Master Crafter apparel, and amateurs that will last through the entire event.

You can also buy event coin with Runescape Gold, and for the first time you can exchange the bonds.

You may see some changes during a hangout in Guild. More importantly, there are more workbenches, a loom and an oven for more efficient formulation. In addition, NPCs from loafers get a number of parts for sale. And remember - for the duration of the event, you can join Crafting Guild even if you don't meet the usual level requirements. It is your chance to acquire a new skill!

The Master Crafting event runs from March 9 to March 23.

Team Ninja Strikes Back!

Early in the morning we received a mysterious manuscript decorated with the Ninja team logo. What adventures did they have this week? Let's find out!

One of the first requests from the new Ninja team was an updated Charming Imp interface. Previously, it was not always clear which items were worth keeping, which was better replaced by XP. So they worked!

The team realized early on that a cleaner drip interface like the one for herbicides, a pesticide and Bonecrusher would make better use of space, so the first step was to change that.

The next was to add more valuable information to the interface, which in this case means a box with the exact amount of XP you get when you replace it.

While in it, the team added the same information to the herbicide, pesticide, and Bonecrusher interfaces, adding another box that reflects the current GE price for the item so you can see how much it's actually worth before you spend it.

In addition, individual spirit stones can now be turned on and off for consumption or grouping, and each type of soul gem now gives a different amount of XP, which is displayed on the interface.

There's a word on the street for more ninja activities in the deep-sea fishing center, where new options have been added to some networks, and the artisan workshop, where a certain dwarf has been politely asked to stop boycotting. It also seems that they have visited the Heater Titan, who has been informed about new Dragon Dragon jewelry to charge. Do you have your challenge for the Ninja team? Let them know in Dojo!