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Final Fantasy XIV again celebrates Valentine's Day with the name Square Enix for the festivities

Final Fantasy XIV: The Rayburn World is a kind of long-running pass before the next major correction (expected in mid-to-late February), but there are plenty of events to do. The latest is Valenci Day.

Your task is to vote on event envoys who deserve your love (the three in the show below): Astrid, Rodrigault and Bert. Oddly enough, they are all the perfect match for the "Three Houses" crew, right up to the very red Edgard Astrid.

It already contains two specific time events. You can vote on your favorite Valentine's Day (sorry, valentines) from now until February 9 at. 06.59 Pacific time, but the actual results will be shown from 9 February at. 7 a.m. to Feb. 17, 7 p.m. 6:59. As usual, you can win event items, including your favorite attire and the seasonal chocolate fountain.

Wait, there's already a point to the name Valentione! The name not only refers to an organization called "House Valentione" in the game, but the event really started a long time ago in the original version of Final Fantasy XIV (which we rarely talk about for obvious reasons) before it was merged into Final Fantasy XIV: A World of New Rebirth (looks more) in 2018.

Since then, this has become an annual tradition just like other holiday events with individual names. FFXIV Gil is the common currency in Final Fantasy XIV, Have any questions while Buy FFXIV Gil, feel free to contact us!